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Making a Chart Amendment

Ah shucks, did you forget to add an important piece of information to the chart you recently signed?

Not a problem.

Jane allows the chart author to make additional changes to their entry using the Amend option.

This feature was designed to remain compliant with general charting regulations. These regulations typically require original entries to remain legible and all changes to a signed chart to be documented and dated.

Making an Amendment

The Amend button can be found at the bottom of the chart or by clicking on the header of the chart entry and scrolling to the bottom.

After you click Amend, hover over the chart section which needs to be changed and click the orange Insert Amendment button.

You can also click the orange button option at the top to change the title or the date of the chart.

When changing the date or chart title make sure to click the orange checkmark to Save the changes.

Once the chart is completed, click Sign at the bottom to complete the amendment.

Printed View

Jane will reference the original information with the dated Amendment underneath the chart part.

Jane will also record the date and time the chart was created, as well as the day it was amended.

Questions? We’re always happy to help. You can reach our support team by emailing [email protected].

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