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Printing or Sharing Chart Entries (Treatment Plans)

Sharing just the Plan portion of your chart entry with your patient is a common workflow for practitioners.

Whether you want to share using the patient portal, saving it as a PDF to email, or printing it, here’s how you can isolate just that one part of your chart note.


First of all, you might like to create a chart template that includes your regular S.O.A type charting but leave out the Plan section. Many people will call this something like “subsequent visit” or “clinical visit” and will create a template with just the Plan portion as another piece.

2 Entries 1 Day

If you create the chart entry by adding two entries on the same day you get some extra flexibility. With printing, sharing of the plan and also with Duplicating (see below).

So an entry for one day might look like this:

You can see that there are two entries for the same date. If this was a paper chart you might think of it as your plan being on a separate piece of paper, with the same date stamp.

Share or Print (Individual)

To share the plan you can share the entry to the patient’s Jane Account. Switch the “not visible to patient” button at the bottom of the chart entry to “Visible to Patient”. Here’s a help document with some extra information on Sharing Chart Entries with Patients. Remember you can always “unshare” the entry by clicking that same button again. So if you’re using this to communicate the updated Plan, you can unshare the old one and only have the most up to date plan shared to the patient’s account.

To print, click on the drop-down arrow right next to the Staff’s name and hit Print.

Alternatively, click on the cogwheel icon from the bottom of the chart entry.

To export multiple charts entries or all of them, click Filter/Export on the right side.

From here, feel free to narrow the chart entries down using the filters, and when you are ready click on the three-dot icon > PDF or Print.


A great way to update the Plan is to duplicate the last Plan entry and then update it with the changes you’d like to make. This means you don’t have to start the plan entry all over again and you can just mention which parts of the plan to start, stop, continue or alter.

You can use the “search” to just pull up the Plan entries:

And then duplicate the most recent:


The other way that people are keeping track of their treatment plan is to pin that part of the entry to the top of the chart.

Here’s some more information about pinning and starring your entries

I hope this makes your charting a little bit quicker and more convenient!

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