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Client Aftercare Information

You might want to give your clients some tips on how to take care of themselves after a treatment. If they’ve got their patient portal set up, you can use it to share some aftercare or documents with them that cover this important information.

Learn more about the Client Portal by clicking here & how to share Chart entries with your clients by clicking here

How to Create Your Aftercare

If you’re looking to create your own branded aftercare instructions, a great starting point is to use the platform Canva. Canva is an excellent tool for customizing your documents to match your practice branding and if helpful, incorporating images to your aftercare information.

We often see clinics create individual aftercare PDFs for each of their offerings. These PDFs can cover a variety of treatments, such as:

  • Neurotoxins & Filler Aftercare
  • Osteopathic Aftercare
  • IV Therapy Aftercare
  • Chemical Peel Aftercare

With your aftercare documents ready, let’s explore how to create an aftercare template within Jane.

Option 1: Using the Template Library

The first offer is to explore our Jane communities templates from our Template Library.

Some popular choices to take a look at are…

  • Chemical Peel Aftercare by Chris Fields, Efface Aesthetics and Beverly Hills Regenerative Medicine (BHRM)
  • Botox-Aftercare Instructions by Emma Wiskin, The Aurora Skin Clinic
  • Post Care : Dermal Filler by Daniel Julien, Medical Design

If you’ve found one that aligns with your needs, feel free to + Add the template to your library, and edit accordingly.

As you explore the examples provided, you may notice that some utilize documents created in Canva, while others showcase the capabilities of our Chart Parts tooling.

Both options offer excellent choices, and the best one will depend on your practice needs and preferences. Feel free to explore and experiment with both to decide which is the most suitable for your goals.

Option 2: Creating Your Own

Alternatively, our second offer is to create your own. To do this, head to Staff > Your Staff Profile > Templates > + New Template.

From selecting + New Template, you can use our handy Chart Parts to begin building out your very own.

In the example below, we’ve used both the Note Chart Part paired with the File/Image Chart Part to create an aftercare template.

From here, you can either pre-upload your Aftercare created in Canva to the File/Image while building out your template, or if you have several treatments, you might consider simply saving your Aftercare documents on your Device of choice (Computer, iPad, etc.), and uploading them directly from your device.

Sending your Aftercare to Patients

With your new Templates and Aftercare Documents ready, let’s explore how to share them with clientele. From the Client Profile, head to New Chart Entry and choose the applicable Template.

Next, if your document hasn’t been pre-loaded, click Choose File and upload your relevant aftercare.

Below is an example of Aftercare designed in Canva. As you can see, we’ve incorporated our clinic’s branding elements for a polished look.

To ensure the client can see this information, select Not Visible To Client. Jane will confirm the visibility by updating the status to Visible To Client (shown below) and displaying a helpful badge at the top of the chart note, letting you know the information is Visible to Client.

And there we have it! Our patient aftercare is now in our Patient Portal.

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