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Exporting Chart Notes (Print or PDF)

Exporting a Single Patient’s Chart or Clinical Record

Sometimes you need to send a chart or a clinical record for a medical legal request or referral to another practitioner.

You can find the export option by finding your patient and heading to their chart. At the top of the chart is a Filter / Export button:

You can see that at the top of the chart, there are several filters available to you.

You can reduce the chart down to entries by just a specific practitioner, discipline, or date range as per the requested parameters. So if you’ve been asked for clinical records for a patient from July 15 to October 31 for just one practitioner, you can filter down to the appropriate entries before you export.

Once you have the chart entries displayed that you’d like to export, click the three dots on the left, then select the “print” or “PDF” buttons.

If you’re a keener and customized your chart footer for more info.

Exporting a Single Patient’s Intake Form

To export the completed intake form of a specific patient, you can head to the patient’s Profile and come down on the right-hand side to Online Intake Forms. If you click the 3-dots next to the Intake Form, you’ll be able to Print the form, either as a hardcopy or save it as a PDF:

Batch Export of All Charts (Per Staff Practitioner)

If you’re looking to export all chart records for a particular staff member, or chart records present in the clinic in their entirety (i.e. as a batch), an Account Owner can request this by emailing [email protected]. Note that these exports are provided per staff member, so if there are multiple staff members you need to export chart histories for, please provide us with their names.

Batch chart exports are available one time free of charge at the termination of your subscription, or as needed for individual practitioners who are leaving your practice but are required to take their chart notes with them.

Jane does not provide full batch exports for backup purposes (at Jane, we run backups on your behalf both real time to mirrored servers and nightly to a secondary city), however we believe strongly in data access and liberation, and will always work to ensure you have secure retention of your chart notes both during and after your time with Jane.

We also have a guide you can look over to give you more information regarding this, Batch Chart Export for Practitioners.

Batch Export of All Intake Forms

Similarly, at an Account Owner’s request, we can provide a one-time export of all Intake Forms present within a Jane account. Please note that this will export all intake forms for all patients, and not only a subset of intake forms (i.e. for only patients associated with a particular practitioner or with a particular discipline).

See our Security FAQ for more info.

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