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Booking an Appointment (Staff)

Note: These instructions are for clinic staff. Patients can learn how to book their own appointments here.

Front-desk staff and practitioners can create an appointment by going to the Schedule view, and clicking on an available time on the desired day.

  • Start the process by clicking on a start time in the schedule.

The New Appointment pane will slide out on the right where you can specify the patient, the treatment and add notes. When you’re done, click “Book Appointment”.

A Thank You For Booking email will be sent out to the patient after the appointment has been made. While this allows the patient to review their booked appointment, in Jane we are not able to mark the appointment as confirmed by the patient or the admin.

When the patient has come for their appointment time, you can then mark the appointment as arrived.

Troubleshooting a Missing Treatment:

If you’re trying to book an appointment and it’s missing from the list of appointment types, there are two main areas that you can investigate to get this sorted.

Option #1: Treatment Settings

Sometimes there are specific treatments that need to be assigned to a staff member and later on, another staff member offers the same treatment.

To make this available for the new staff member, a user with Full Access will want to head over to the Settings tab, click on Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments and then on Edit to the right of the treatment you’re trying to book:

Next, take a peek at the Discipline & Staff Member section. Typically you’ll want to make sure that the treatment is assigned to the right discipline that the staff member offers. Additionally, make sure that the Staff Member field is set to No Staff (Shared Treatment):

Option #2: Discipline and Staff Member

Another place to check would be under the staff member’s profile. The discipline a staff member is opted-in to will ultimately change the treatment offerings they can book.

To view this setting, you’ll want to head over to the staff member’s Profile and then click on Edit/Settings:

Next, scroll to the Disciplines section and ensure that the disciplines they’re opted into align with the disciplines the treatments are assigned to.


If you have any additional questions and would like to get in touch with our support team, you can contact us and we’d be happy to help 💙

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