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Setting a Post Treatment Reset Time or Break

Sometimes practitioners need a little extra time between appointments, whether it’s to prepare for the next patient or just to take a breather. We feel you! Jane offers a couple of different ways to automatically add post-treatment time to appointments.

Or, maybe you don’t need any post-treatment time and you are wondering why your appointments are longer than you set them!

You can add post-treatment time for specific staff members, or you can apply it to specific treatments so that the extra time is added no matter which staff member it is booked under.

We will show you both methods below.

Setting post-treatment time for a specific practitioner

Here’s how to add a pre-determined length of post-treatment time to all appointments scheduled with a specific practitioner.

  • Head to the Staff tab and select the staff member you want to edit
  • Click on Edit / Settings

  • Next, click on Setting and scroll down to “Post Treatment Time
  • Select your desired post-treatment time to add to all appointments in the dropdown menu

  • Lastly, click Save

Note: If this preference is set, the scheduled duration will be ignored on your treatments, and the duration will be calculated as the “Treatment Duration” + this “Post Treatment” time.

Building Post-Treatment Time into Treatments

This will automatically add post-treatment time to all instances of a specific treatment. For shared treatments, the post-treatment time will apply to all practitioners who use it.

  • Head to Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments
  • Click Edit next to the treatment you would like to add extra time for
  • In the Edit Treatment window, you’ll see options for both Treatment Length and Scheduled Length. To add post-treatment time, simply set the Scheduled Length to be longer than the Treatment Length

You can also allow scheduled appointments for specific treatments to overlap by making the Scheduled Length shorter than the Treatment Length.

Note: Post-Treatment Time will count toward your account usage and be factored in when calculating the number of licenses your account requires.

That’s all there is to it!

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