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Reordering Treatments and Disciplines (Admin Schedule and Online Booking)

Sometimes you would like your treatments ordered with your most popular choice at the top. Or maybe you would like to group certain visit types together and tweak which disciplines appear first.

In any case, you can choose to display your treatments and disciplines in any order you like. There are a few things to consider about your treatment order in Jane.

Individual Practitioner in Online Booking and Admin Schedule

To customize the order treatments display for an individual practitioner head over to their Staff Profile, select Treatments, Classes and Group Appointments and then click on the Order Treatments:

screenshot of when you click on a staff member's profile > treatments,classes and group appointments > order treatents

To change the order of the treatments in this area, you’ll want to drag and drop the up and down arrows to the desired order.

gif od what it looks like to click, hold and drag the treatments into the desired order

When you click on a practitioner in online booking, Jane will display them in this order. Here’s what it looks like online:

screenshot of the order on the online booking site

And like this in the admin schedule:

screenshot of what the order looks like on the administrative side of Jane

Book by Treatment in Online Booking

If you want to change the order listed on the main booking page under the Book By Treatment area of online booking, a Full Access user can head over the Settings tab and then click on Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments within the left sidebar menu.

Next, you’ll want to use the up and down icon to drag and drop treatments in the order you’d like them to appear in. No need to hit a Save button here. A green message will pop up at the top of the screen letting you know the change has been applied.

Note📝: Friendly reminder we’re only able to change the order of the treatments within the discipline they are assigned to.

The order will be reflected here:

screenshot of the online booking treatment order

Reordering Disciplines

If you’d like to reorder how disciplines appear on the online booking site, a Full Access user can head over the Settings tab and then click on Disciplines within the left sidebar menu.

screenshot of the navigation to the settings tab and then disciplines

From there, you can use the up and down arrow icon to drag and drop the disciplines into the order you’d like to put them in.

The order set in this area will also affect the discipline order for a staff member who offers more than one discipline. Even if the order of the treatments is changed within the staff profile on the administrative side, Jane will still follow the order set under the general Settings tab.

Additional Notes

This is super helpful to keep in mind as clients typically select the first available treatment option on the list. Additionally, the first treatment in the list also serves as the default option when clients view your calendar in the Monthly view.

screenshot of month view for online booking site

There you have it! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us and our support team would be happy to help 💙

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