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Pinning and Starring your Chart Entries

Do you need to refer back to your patient’s intake form regularly, or the notes from their initial visit? Maybe there are a few key notes, images or uploaded documents that you need quick access to.

Lovely Jane user, meet pinning and starring; pinning and starring, meet lovely Jane user.

1. Starring Chart Entries

Starring is super simple but incredibly effective; If you want to bring an entire chart entry to the top, you can now star the chart entry to have it stick to the top of the list. This is great for intake forms, or any other chart entry that you reference often.

2. Pinning Single Items to the Top

Pinning lets you take a single item within a chart and display it as a card at the top of the chart. It’s a great way to identify a scan, or an important bit of information like allergies, a prescription, or being able to compare past subjective ratings. You can add as many pinned items to the top as you want, and scroll through them horizontally, and you can hide or show your pins by clicking the Pin icon in the top bar.

To pin a single item to the top, just hover your curser over that chart piece, and click the “Pin” icon in the right hand corner:

And because we know you love those extras…

We have included colour coding…

Jumping to that card’s chart entry…

And starting a new chart entry with this card:

And I bet you thought charting couldn’t get any better! (No? Well, we can dream)

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