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Outcome Measure Surveys

We know that better insights into your clients’ progress help you provide better care. With Outcome Measure Surveys, you’ll be able to add scores to Clinical Survey questions to help you to quantify a client’s experience at a point in time and over the course of their care.

You can choose to automatically send Outcome Measure Surveys before or after all appointments clinic-wide, or have clients fill out their survey at the time of booking. You can also set up a survey to send daily, weekly, or monthly to individual clients.

Setting up your Outcome Measures Survey

A full-access user can begin by heading over to Settings > Forms & Surveys > View Surveys on the Clinical Surveys tab.

If you would like to start a new survey from scratch, click on “New Survey” in the top right of the screen. On the New Survey page, we’ll start with the General Details section.

Survey name: This is strictly for internal use, and won’t be visible to clients.

There are two options for Setup:

  • Set up individually: The survey will be available to be sent to individual clients from their profiles.

  • Set up for all clients: The survey will automatically be sent to all clients for each appointment. You can also set it up to send individually on a client’s profile.

Next, we’ll choose when we’d like the survey to be sent out.

Individual survey options:

  • Before or after an appointment

  • On regular intervals: for example, every week.

  • Don’t send automatically

All client survey options:

  • Before or after an appointment: All clients will be emailed their survey before or after each appointment.

  • When an appointment is booked online: All clients will be prompted to complete the survey each time they book online. Please note, the survey will need to be submitted before clients can complete their booking.

Next, we’ll move on to the Communication section:

  • Title/Email Subject: This is the title of the survey. It appears at the top of the survey for the client and it will also be the email subject line when the survey is sent out.

  • Introduction Message: This is a block of text that will appear in the survey and in the email. You can use this to help your client understand the purpose of the survey.

  • Message After Completion: This message will appear after the client has finished their survey.

Last step! Let’s build out the survey questions.

You can click the Template Library button to grab pre-built, scored Outcome Measure Surveys (like a PHQ-9 or NDI) that the community has shared — just look for the little 📊 Score icon.

If you prefer to build out your survey from scratch, you can click the Add Item button and start adding your chart parts.

How scores work with different chart parts

Before we dive in, a note about how scores work with different chart parts. You can add scores to Check Boxes, Range/Scales, and Drop-Downs.

💡Before you start creating your questionnaire, you’ll want to think about what type of questions you’ll be asking your clients and whether you want them to choose single or multiple responses.

Checkboxes are best to use when a client can select multiple responses or is asked to “check off all answers that apply.”

In the image below, each of the checkbox options is worth five points. Because a client could check all of these boxes off, and each box is worth five points, this chart part question is worth a total of 25 points.

Range/ Scales or Drop-Downs are better to use when we want the client to only be able to choose one option.

In the example below, I’ve asked how often a certain symptom is presenting itself, and each option has a score value. The maximum score a client could have on this question is 4 points, so the question is scored out of 4:

Adding scores to different chart parts

Start by clicking on the chart part you’d like to score:

Next, toggle on Allow for Scoring and then adjust the numbers in the score field:

Saving your Outcome Measures Survey

Once you are happy with how your survey looks, head down to the bottom right of the screen and click Save. If you chose to create a survey to send automatically to all clients, you’ll get a confirmation message and the option to save and start sending the survey, or save but don’t start sending the survey.

If you choose Save, But Don’t Send, the survey will be saved as an individual survey and will not be sent to all clients. When you’re ready to send it to all clients, click View next to the survey:

Next, click Edit in the General Details section:

Select Set up for all clients and then click Save:

You’ll now have the option to Save and send.

How to stop sending an All-Patients Survey

If you have a survey that’s sending to all clients or patients automatically, you can stop sending it by heading to Settings > Forms & Surveys > Clinical Surveys. Click View to the right of the survey you want to stop sending:

Next, you’ll click Edit to the right of the General Details section:

You’ll want to change the Setup field to Set up individually and then click Save

The survey will stop sending automatically to all clients for all appointments. However, it will continue to send to individual clients if you’ve set it up on their profile.

If you have no individual clients using the survey and you’d like to remove it from your surveys list, you can view the survey and then Archive it under the Actions menu:

Enabling your Survey on your staff profile

Next, you’ll want to enable the survey from your Staff profile. This can be helpful should you need to complete the survey on behalf of your client. Start by navigating to the Staff tab > click on your name > Templates > Surveys > toggle on the survey.

All enabled surveys will appear in the chart template list and in the pop-up when you are charting.

Sending an individual survey

Whether you set up your survey to send automatically to all clients or not, you can send any survey to an individual client from their profile.

You’ll want to head to the client’s profile and on the lower right, you’ll see the Surveys area. Click the Set Up button:

Next, you’ll see a dropdown menu with all of the surveys that are enabled for your staff profile. Choose the one you’d like to send.

Next, you can choose when the survey should send. - Before or after an appointment: This option lets you choose how far in advance or how long after an appointment the survey should be sent. You can also specify how many times the survey should be sent out in total.

  • On regular intervals: This option is great if you don’t want the survey to be attached to an appointment. You can choose for it to go out on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule regardless of whether appointments are booked. You can choose what date the survey should stop being sent out.

  • Don’t send automatically: This option means that the survey will only ever be sent out manually. You can use this option if you want to send a one-off survey.

Managing an individual survey from the client profile

Once you have set up a survey on an individual client’s profile, you can click the three dots to the right of the survey to: - Adjust sending method: here’s where you can change the send settings of the survey.

  • End survey: Stop sending out the survey to this client.

  • Fill out: choosing this option lets you fill out the survey on behalf of the client, or pass your device to the client to fill it out themselves. Choosing “pass device to client” will log them out of Jane once the survey is completed and you will be prompted to log back in.

  • Email a new questionnaire: This triggers the survey to be sent. Choose this option if you are sending a one-off survey.

Editing an Outcome Measures Survey

⚠️ It’s important to note that the questionnaire section of an Outcome Measures Survey cannot be edited once it has been completed by at least one client. However, you can edit the other sections of a survey by heading to Settings > Forms & Surveys > Clinical Surveys. Click View next to the Survey you’d like to edit.

If you’re wanting to edit the questionnaire section of a survey that’s already in use, you’ll first need to duplicate it:

Next, you’ll edit your new survey and save it.

Once your new survey is saved, you can archive the old one to remove it from your survey list. Click View to the right of the survey:

Next, click Actions and select Archive.

Client view

Clients will receive a link to the Outcome Measures Survey on the day and time you specified. From here, they can click the Begin button.

They will be taken to a dedicated page in their account where they can fill out the form. This form is only accessible from the email and is not currently accessible from within their account.

Once the client fills out the survey, it will be made available to them inside their My Account portal, under the Documents section.


Can I send Outcome Measures Surveys to clients on an individual or per-session basis (manually or automatically)?

Yes, you can enable a survey on a client’s profile and then choose to have it sent automatically per appointment or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also send it manually from a client’s profile.

Does it matter which chart part I use in an Outcome Measures Survey?

You bet it does! That’s because it will affect the score of the survey. You’ll want to use:

  • Checkboxes if you can select multiple answers.
  • Drop-Downs or Range/Scales if you can only select a single answer.

Can all chart parts be made scorable?

No — only Check Boxes, Range/Scales, and Drop-Downs can be made scorable.

Will there be a notification if the client’s score is high or if a value is a red flag?

No — that will need to be managed administratively at this time.

Can I find Outcome Measures Surveys in the Template Library?

Yes, there are pre-built Outcome Measure Surveys like a PHQ-9 or NDI — just look for the little 📊 Score icon.

Can I create a survey that produces 3 scores? (ex. DASS 42)

No, currently Jane only has a basic sum of the answer to a single value.

Do you work with MyOutcomes?

No — certain rating scales in MyOutcomes use proprietary algorithms, whereas Jane is currently only working with a basic sum of scores.

Why can’t I edit a scorable survey once it’s been completed?

Great question! We want to ensure you are comparing the same survey information over time, so we’ve restricted editing to ensure you can accurately compare data in the future.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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