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Customizing Your Chart Footer

So, you were the chosen one this year.

No, not by the Jedi Council, rather the all being College and Board of Regulations, your patient’s insurer, or that Membership Organization you joined to ensure that you stay on top of your game. They’ll be auditing your records, and one of the requirements they are looking for is specifically around your charts.

Do you have the patient name on each page? Is there a phone number listed? Have you listed their third cousin twice removed on their mother’s side’s new surname? Well, that last one might be a bit much, we think we made the point.

Whether you need to meet the requirements of your insurers, membership organization, or college body, Jane has got you covered with our new Language settings allowing you to customize the footer of your chart notes. You can now select which information is displayed at the bottom of the chart’s footer. This will be displayed on every page!

To do this just head over to Settings > Language and click on Customize Footer for PDF Chart Exports

Here you can customize the language and use the options in with special formatting to add individual variables to the list.

To add a variable, simply click on the variable (ie. %[patient_dob]) name and Jane will highlight that variable. Once highlighted, you can copy the variable and then paste it into the text field above.

Pro Tip: Key commands can be a speedy way to work when copying and pasting information from one location to another.

If you are using a Mac, hold down the Command button and click ‘C’ to copy and Command > V to paste.

On a PC you’ll use Control > ‘C’ to copy and Control > ‘V’ to paste.

Once you have added the fields you’d like, you can print and export a chart and it will contain the newly added information!

While we cannot guarantee you’ll pass with flying colors, hopefully, this will earn you a few extra points.

If you need any further help getting your chart footer all set up, just let us know :)

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