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Smart Options & Narrative for Charting

This chart part allows staff to create a quick and easy narrative with only a few simple steps.

First – what is a charting “Narrative”? Jane grabs the text that you’ve entered into specific text fields referred to as subjects & choices (your “Smart Options”) to auto-generate a summary of your findings (your “Narrative”).

When setting up this chart part, staff have the ability to select how the subject and choices will be displayed on the signed note. Signed notes can be displayed with all the smart options, only the selected smart options, or… as a Narrative!

Yes, we’ve added the ability to display the selected subjects & choices as a Narrative. 🎉

Video Overview

Setting up the Chart template

Similar to the other chart parts, your Smart Options can be added using the Add Item Button at the bottom of the chart template or a chart entry.

Once the Smart Options & Narrative chart part has been added, hover your mouse over the section then click to open the edit mode.

The Smart Options edit mode is split into 3 different sections.

Section 1

This section is all about setting up your layout using: Labels, Choice Style & Signed Display

Label This is the name or title you’ve chosen for this section of your chart.

Choice Style You can select how to display your choices. This includes buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, and sliders.

Signed Notes In your final product (your signed chart notes), you can choose to display everything, only selected choices, or the narrative.

Section 2 & 3

These two sections include creating your Smart Options (your Subjects and Choices)

Subjects are the items being evaluated.

Choices are the options being selected.

Short Label is an alternative label that can be displayed while charting. The longer choice name will appear on the signed note. Here’s an example of a short label using emojis to replace words:

And here’s a quick glance at what this may look like within your chart:

Section 4

The Narrative (this is optional, but feel free to try it out!)

Selecting the Narrative display option in Section 1 above will provide an additional section.

This includes an intro, middle, and outro (ending). Using the variables for the subjects and choices, Jane will build a sentence as options are selected.

A preview can be found here:

Excellent! You’re finally ready to take the plunge. Let’s now go take a look at some examples. - Creating a Narrative Chart

Tip: You are able to transition your existing checkboxes to the Smart Options & Narrative charting tool, we’ve added a copy and paste feature. First, open the existing checkboxes and copy the options. Second, open a new Smart Options charting tool, paste the options into the first field and watch Jane populate the boxes

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