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Sharing Patient Charts with a Third Party

When it comes to sharing a patients charts with a Third Party like a lawyer or insurer we don’t recommend emailing chart notes. You can create the Third Party a patient profile, upload the document and then share that document to their patient portal so they can view and download it in a HIPAA compliant environment. Alternatively you could export these chart notes as PDF’s and fax/courier them to the office outside of Jane.

Exporting the Patients Charts

To start sharing the chart notes to the Third Party’s patient profile, We’ll first need to export the patients chart notes as a PDF so we can then upload these to the third party’s profile and share with them.

​ ​So let’s head to the Patient tab, click into our desired patients profile, hop to their Charts tab, click Filter / Export and finally Export as PDF.

​Pro Tip: You can also use the filters to only export charts created within a certain date, a certain practitioner, or a certain discipline. You can even use the search box to only export charts with a certain keyword in them! ​

​Jane’s going to take a second or two to compile all of those charts into one consolidated PDF for you to download and save to your computer.

​ ​ You may also want to do this only for a single chart entry, not to worry we’ve also got you covered! Just open the chart entry you’d like by clicking, scroll to the bottom of the entry, click the cog wheel and then choose to Export. ​

Sharing with the Third Party

​Once you have your exported file it’s time to upload it and share it with the third party! Lets now head to their newly created profile and head into their Files tab, then we can Add a File or drag & drop to upload the PDF, and finally choose to share this file with the patient.

​ ​From here, Jane will ask you to Confirm & Notify your client that you have shared a Document with them:

After you have shared the documents with them, they should receive and email that will redirect them to their Documents tab in their Jane account:

And that should do the trick! We have a couple of handy Guides for more information on sharing charts and documents with your clients that you can check out by heading to these links:

Sharing Chart Entries with Patients

Printing or Sharing Chart Entries (Treatment Plans)

I hope you find these helpful. Please feel free to email back if there is anything I can clarify for you.

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