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Sharing Chart Entries with Patients

There’s a feature in the charts where you can make chart entries visible to your patients. So long as your patient has an account set up, you can use this to share treatment plans, exercise prescriptions, lab results, files, or any other chart note.

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Learn how to share a chart entry

You can make any chart entry visible to your patient by clicking the Not Visible to Patient button to make it Visible to Patient at the bottom of the chart entry.

Jane will double-check with you to make sure you know what you’re doing. :)

Notifying your patient

If your client has a valid email address, you can choose to alert them of the file shared:

If you select Confirm and Notify, Jane will give you an option to “add a note” or a custom message so that the patient is notified by email.

Here’s what the email looks like once sent to the client:

The notification will prompt the patient to log into their secure “My Account” area to access the shared document. Once signed in, patients will see a section on their My Account page called Documents.

What is shared?

When you pull up a patient’s chart, you will see at a glance which chart entries are listed on the patient’s My Account page.

And you can always remove the sharing by clicking on that same button again on the chart entry.

🔥 Hot Tip

If you are sending your client information that you don’t wish to have connected to a specific appointment, you can head to your client’s profile and add a new entry in the Chart tab or upload a document in the File tab.

Bonus: If you want to send them a gentle reminder that they have something waiting for them, you can always do so from this area as well.

Additional Notes

I shared a chart entry with a patient but there are blank sections and parts missing. Why is that?

The Instruction chart part isn’t a printable or exportable item in Jane. This means that when charts are shared with this chart part, that portion of the form won’t be displayed.

If you need to show the details in the Instruction box to the patient, an option here would be to use the Note chart part instead.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team and we’d be happy to help!

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