Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Helping Patients Log In

Your patients will need to set up a username and password to access their patient portal called My Account. In their My account section, patients can book appointments, join their Online Appointments (telehealth) and much more. For more on the patient’s My Account page - click here.

Patients cannot view invoices in the patient portal at this time. They will need to reach out to the clinic to resend any missing invoices.

Patient “My Account” Access

For patients who are already in your patient list, you can send them a Welcome Email which will give them access to their existing profile. The Welcome email prompts the patient to create a username and password in order to login and access their existing account. 

To send a Welcome, go to the Patient’s profile, and click “Send Welcome Email” in the menu on the right.  You can also add a note to the email if you like.

They will get an email that looks like this (but branded to your clinic):

Clicking “Set Up Account” will bring them to a new page, prompting them to create a username and password.


If you’re trying to help a patient who is having trouble logging in to their online booking account, here are some tips on how to help them.

Check that they have a username

View the patient’s profile and check if there is a username on file for them.  They will only have a username if they have previously set up an online booking account.  They might just need a reminder of their username.

Or, if they’ve forgotten their password, click the “Send Password Reset Email” to send them a link to update their password.

If they do not have a username, click “Send Welcome Email” to send them a link to set up their username and password for the first time.

Note that you cannot create usernames or passwords on behalf of the patient. They must click the link in a Welcome Email or Password Reset Email.

Check if they have a duplicate profile

Sometimes patients end up creating a duplicate profile in the system and, when they log in, they don’t see their appointment history.  If this happens, search for the patient, see if there is a duplicate and, if there is, merge the two profiles.

Patient Training Resources (Online Appointments)

Here’s a training video that you can share with your patients. It covers how to Begin a session via an email link, and how to sign in and access their My Account area to Begin their Online Appointment.


We also have a full list of Online Appointments Training Resources for Patients here:

Training Resources for Your Patients

Hopefully, that helps get your clients connected!

Help Patients with Calendar Subscriptions

Your patients/clients can link their appointments in your clinic to their personal calendar. Here’s how:

  • Have the patient login to their Jane account.
  • Under “Upcoming Appointments, there’s a button called “Subscribe to your Calendar.” Have them click that.
  • Now they’ll have 3 options for subscribing: 1) Subscribe from this device 2) Click the Google Calendar or Outlook buttons to subscribe to those apps, or 3) manually add the link provided to their calendar app.

Now when a patient books, the appointment will automatically show up in their calendar. Nice.

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