Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Merging Patients

Let’s say your patients have created a duplicate profile on your online booking site. No problem – Jane makes it easy to merge duplicate patient profiles with just a few clicks.

In the Patients area, search for the patient with a duplicate profile.

Click the + sign on each patient to bring up the Merge view. You’ll see the + button when you hover your mouse over the patient’s name.

Then, choose the record you want to be the primary record. Jane will do her best to let you know if the profiles look like a match. It’s generally a good idea to select the profile with a username so that the patient’s online account can still be accessed. 

All conflicting information will be shown in the Notes once you’ve merged, so don’t worry about losing anything. 

If you accidentally merge the wrong records and need it un-merged, we have a place for that too! You’ll just need a Full Access account. Go to Settings, and at the very bottom you will see Merge History. Voila!

Bonus: In Reports under the Patients heading, there is a Potential Duplicates report for conveniently identifying profiles which may need merging.

If you want to review all of your potential duplicates as an administrative task (which we think is a really great idea to do regularly!) you can also run the “potential duplicate report” found in the Reports Tab.

You can merge accounts here after reviewing their info to clean up your client list.

Jane will let you know why she thinks these profiles might be for the same person and you can click the “merge” button to the right to get to the full comparison screen which will then allow you to choose the primary profile in the same way as when you merge from the regular client list.

It’s a nice place to work from if you are looking to do some housekeeping of your client list!

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