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Updating the Default Email Account On Your Device

While using Jane, you can send an email to your patients by clicking on the email address associated with the patient profile. You can find this directly within the patient profile, as well as in the appointment panel on the schedule.

When you click a patient’s email in Jane, this is a mailto link that tells your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) to open your devices default email application to compose and send an email to that patient.

Your Devices Default Email Application

Many people aren’t familiar with using the default email application on their device because they will often open their web browser and navigate directly to the email service provider of their choice.

For example, Apple devices use the default email application Apple Mail. Apple Mail uses your email address to send emails from your devices. If you were to click on a mailto link (email address) on your Macbook, then your computer would open Apple Mail with the default email account.

Updating The Email Address Used By Your Default Email Application

If you’d like to change the email account that is associated with the mailto link in Jane then you’ll need to update the email account used in the settings of your default email application, like Apple Mail.

Here are a couple of guides outlining how to update the email account on your default mail application on Mac and PC.

If you have a Macbook, here’s how you can update the email account on Apple Mail.

If you have a Windows PC, here’s how you can update the email account on Window’s default Email Application.

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