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Message Log

The Message Log, found under your staff and patient profiles, will provide a log of all of the emails and text messages delivered from Jane. You can come here to verify what was sent, when it was triggered to go out, and how successful Jane was at delivering that message.

Note📝: The Message Log is not accessible by staff members with a Practitioner (Limited) Staff Access Level. Check out our guide doc on Staff Access Levels for information on the different Staff Access Levels.

If you click on the email, you can view it in even more detail:

You can verify the time it was sent out and the email address the message was delivered to.

The current status of that email will be indicated in orange on the right hand side of the email details.

Decrypting the message status

Some of the notices you’ll see on a message are…

  • Unsent: Jane has received a prompt to send an email, and is preparing it for delivery.
  • Sent: Jane has successfully sent out that email or SMS.
  • Delivered: The email was received by the recipient’s inbox.
  • Opened: The recipient has opened that email.
  • Clicked: The recipient has clicked on a link in that email.
  • Bad Recipient: Invalid email address, or email address not found. You can update their email and try again.
  • Bounced: A valid email address, but the message was not received by their inbox. Spam filters or an unresponsive domain might cause this.
  • Complaint: This patient has marked one of your messages as spam. Jane will no longer communicate with an email that has a complaint on it.

If you or a patient has marked an email as spam by accident, or if you have any concerns about a patient’s messages, you can contact the Jane team at [email protected] to get that sorted out for you.

Happy Jane-ing!

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