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Jane's Mobile App for Patients (Guide for Clinics)

Welcome to our guide on Jane’s mobile app for patients or clients! We are developing this app to delight patients, increase bookings, and reduce no-shows. The app gives patients a central place to book and manage appointments with Jane clinics.

Right now, the app is being tested for Canada by friends and family of us here at Jane.

This doesn’t impact or change anything for clinics using Jane, but you may hear about the app from a patient who’s testing it out, and we want you to be in the loop about what the app does at this stage.

Let’s jump into some questions you may have. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

What can patients do in the app at this stage?

  • Add different clinics to a single account, using one login.

  • View a list of upcoming appointments, across all clinics

  • Manage appointments with clinics they’ve visited before.

Does the app take into account the online booking settings for my clinic?

Yes, patients can’t do anything in the app that they couldn’t do through your online booking site. For example, if you don’t allow patients to cancel their appointments online, they won’t be able to do so through the app.

Why are you making a patient app?

We want to help patients keep track of their appointments across multiple Jane clinics without the hassle of multiple logins and schedules. With one app where they can access all of their appointment information, it reduces no-shows and makes it easier for patients to book more appointments.

Do all patients have access to the app?

Not yet, right now the app is being tested by friends and family of us here at Jane. Right now, the app is only being tested for Canada.

Can I try out the app?

We love that you asked! The app is in a closed beta right now, so we aren’t testing it with clinics or patients who are not part of this testing phase. We will keep you in the loop about when the app will be released.

If you’re curious to see what the app looks like in its current form, you can check out our patient guide.

What happens if a practitioner uses the app?

Great question! A practitioner might be a patient at other Jane clinics, in which case they can add those Jane clinics to the app as normal.

If a practitioner adds their own clinic to the app and uses their staff credentials to log in, then Jane will create a patient profile for them that is linked to their staff profile.

This is the same thing that happens if you are logged in as a practitioner, head to your own online booking site, and book an appointment. Jane will see this as a “patient action” and will create a patient profile for you. This can be handy if you’re a practitioner who also receives services or treatments from other practitioners at your clinic. However, the linked patient profile can’t be deleted and if you do not receive treatments or services from other practitioners at your clinic, there’s no reason to follow this workflow to create a patient profile.

Please note, the app is only for the patient-facing side of Jane, so you won’t be able to access it to view the admin side of Jane, even if your staff profile and patient profile are linked.

What if a patient asks me for help with the app?

While patients hopefully will find what they need in the patient-facing guide, there are three things they might ask about.

1. Logging into the app

Patients are asked to create a login for the app and this login is separate from the one they use to book appointments at your clinic. If patients ask you to help them reset their login for the app, you can direct them to the patient guide or let them know that there is a forgot password option on the login screen for the app.

The login screen for the app looks like this:

2. Finding your clinic in the app

When patients add clinics to the app, they might ask you what your Jane URL is. This is because the app searches for clinics based on their URL which is typically some part of the clinic’s name. If your Jane URL is totally different from your clinic name, patients may need to type in your URL to find your clinic in the app. We have instructions in the patient guide on how they can look up your clinic’s URL.

3. Logging into their existing Jane accounts

When patients add a clinic they’ve visited to their app, they’ll need to enter their login info (for that clinic) so that the app knows which patient they are. It’s possible that patients may need help if they’ve forgotten their username or password for your clinic. We have a guide on Helping patients log in.

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