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Creating a Group

The more the merrier! Administratively booking couples, families, and groups just got easier. 👩‍👧‍👦

If you have a group of clients who will be attending multiple sessions together, you can make things faster by adding those clients to a Group.

Psst… Clients don’t need to be linked by a relationship to be added to a Group. For example, a sports team could be added to a Group without any relationship features enabled for their profiles.

When you’re about to add your clients to their Group Appointment, just search up the name of their Group instead (eg. Clark Family), and Jane will add all the Clarks to the visit. No need to remember how many Clarks there are.

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Creating a Group

To create a Group, we’ll head to the client profile we’d like to start with, and you’ll notice there’s a fancy new Groups button under their name:

On this page, you’ll see the names of any Groups the client already belongs to. In this case, this is Beatrice’s first Group. 🎉

We’ll click the New Group button on the right:

A window will open where we can name this Group:

Important: The first client you add to your Group will be your Primary Client. You’ll notice that Beatrice is the Primary Client because we started the Group from their profile. The Primary Client is the one who’s billed for Group Appointments.

If you’d like to edit who the Primary Client is in your Group, you can do this in two ways:

  1. From the appointment panel, which will change the Primary Client for that appointment only.
  2. Delete your existing Group, and add the new Primary Client first.

Once we’re happy with our Primary Client, we can add the Secondary Clients:

When we’ve added everyone, we can click the Create button and we are all set!

Editing a Group

We can edit a Group from a client’s profile in order to add or remove clients from the Group.

Booking a Group Appointment for a Group

Booking for a Group couldn’t be easier. On the appointment panel, where we would search for a client name, we’ll search for the group name instead and add it to the visit.

It’s that easy.

For a detailed overview of booking a Group Appointment check out our Group Appointments guide.

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