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Day View: Sign and Lock Workflow

For the lock icon to show up the treatment has to be connected to the chart entry. Which means it needs to be selected on the schedule (so the “check” needs to be displayed on the appropriate appointment)

This can be from the main schedule or from the Day view, but the lock icon will only show up on appointments in the Day view.

The best place for you to chart from is your “Day” view that shows up in the very top left of your screen. You’ll get a sort of one day “daysheet” view that gives you single click access to your patient charts.

It looks like this:

Your first click on any of those appointments will open the patient’s chart. Where you can add a new entry - when you do so you’ll get an “unlocked” symbol on the appointment which means that you have a draft entry.

Once you sign and lock the lock is closed.

If there is no lock it means there has been no chart entry created in connection with this scheduled appointment.

Again, a reminder that you need to be charting from the “Day” view for Jane to assign a chart entry to that visit. Or have the correct appointment selected on the main scheduler (so the check box has to be on the visit when you begin charting). ​ ​And again, this lock icon is only visible on the Day view.

To learn more about how you can search for unlocked “draft” charts or appointments without chart entries see this help document on reviewing chart status.

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