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Charting for Classes and Group Appointments

To the practitioners charting for Classes or Group Appointments (i.e., family or couples therapy), we have a time-saving treat for you. 🍫 

With the Copy to Client feature, you can quickly copy a signed chart entry to all participants of a Class or Group Appointment.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have finished charting for one of the clients in a Class or Group Appointment, you’ll click Sign and confirm that you want to sign this chart entry.

Next, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to copy this chart to other clients. You have the option of individually selecting clients or using the Select All button for any Arrived and Not Arrived participants. When you’re ready, click Copy Entries.

This creates a copy of the signed entry in the selected participants’ profiles. You can think of this as a photocopy of a paper file, so if the original entry is changed, you will need to re-share this information across related files for a consistent paper trail.


Can I copy a signed entry at a later date?

You bet! Start by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the signed entry and then click the Copy to Client button.

What if I don’t need to copy any charts?

If the Copy to Client workflow doesn’t apply to you, simply click the Skip button. Jane won’t add a draft chart for the other attendees, so if you’d like to see if there are any appointments that haven’t been documented, this guide might be helpful Appointment Charting Status.

Can I copy a draft chart?

It’s not possible to copy a draft chart. Chart entries must be signed, and then you’ll be able to copy them.

I don’t see the Copy to Client button, what do I do?

Not to worry. This feature only works for chart entries that are signed and assigned to Classes or Group Appointments. So let’s start by checking two places:

First, you’ll want to make sure the entry is signed. To confirm this, a lock symbol will appear at the top right of the chart entry.

You’ll also want to ensure the chart entry is assigned to a Class or Group Appointment. If you do not see the calendar icon, that means the chart entry is not assigned to an appointment.

To assign the chart to an appointment, click the drop-down menu and then select Add Appointment.

From here, you can adjust the date range if needed and then select the appropriate appointment.

💡Quick tip: If you’re charting from your Day View, Jane will know to always assign your appointment to the chart!

How can I share feedback?

We’re really excited about this first step in making it easier for practitioners to chart for Classes and Group Appointments.

We want to keep improving this feature to make charting for groups even more helpful. If you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us here. 💙

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