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Adding Billing & Diagnosis Codes to Charts on the Base Plan

💡Heads up — this guide is applicable for the Legacy Base Plan only.

When creating a chart template, you can use Note, Drop Down, and/or Check Box items to manually enter codes into your chart entries.

If you were to use a Drop Down item, you could include your most popular codes as options within the drop down, and select the relevant code(s) when charting for your patient.

Similarly, if you were to use a check box item, you could include each of your most popular codes as check box options, and check off the relevant code(s) when charting for a patient.

Lastly, if you were to use a Note, you could simply type in the code(s) relevant to the patient’s visit.

For a refresher on how to create and edit your chart templates, please have a look at the following guide documents:

Creating a Chart Template

Chart Parts for Creating a Chart Template

Contact Your College or Licensing Body For More Info

Please note that the use of Drop Downs, Notes, and Check Boxes in your charts for the purpose of including codes is merely a suggestion! It’s best to contact your college or licensing body as to what their specific requirements are for displaying codes in your chart entries.

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