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How to Face Chart

Face charts are a great visual tool to track what parts of a face have received treatment. For example, a medical aesthetics practitioner could use a face chart to record how many units or syringes a patient has received in different areas.

While Jane doesn’t have a built-in face chart, you can add an image of a face to the Body Chart Part to make your own. Other practitioners have done this and shared their face chart templates in the Template Library, so we’ll look at how to find one there as well.

Using a Face Chart From the Template Library

Jane users really are an amazing community. There are a number of generous practitioners who have built face chart templates in Jane and shared them in our Template Library.

To access the Template Library, head over to Staff > Your Staff Profile > Templates. Click the Template Library button.

You can search by Discipline and we recommend selecting Aesthetics and searching for the following keywords: “Botox, Filler, Face Map, Injectables”.

Once you find one you like, hit the Add button.

Voila! You now have a copy of that template that you can edit and use without changing the original template in the library. Delete, add, alter - make it your own.

Check out our helpful guides on Creating a Chart Template and Chart Parts for Creating a Chart Template for more information.

Making Your Own Face Chart Template

You can start by heading to your templates area in your staff profile. Next, you can select and existing template or start a new one.

Click Add Item and select Body Chart.

Click on the Body Chart image, and from here you can update the label on this chart part and click Choose File below the image.

📣 Jane Tip: The image must be a GIF, JPG, or PNG file.

Once you’ve added the image, you can save this chart part, save your template, and now you’re ready to chart!

Adding an Image of a Patient’s Face to Their Chart

If you’re using a tablet or mobile device, you can take a picture of your patient without saving it to your device. Here’s how.

Start by opening a new chart entry and adding the Body Chart. Next, click Change Image.

Select your device’s camera:

From here, you can take a picture and save it to the patient’s chart without saving it on your phone or tablet.

You can now draw or add pointers to the image which we’ll go over in more detail in the next section. ⤵️

Tips for Charting With Your Face Chart

From your patient’s charting area, click the New Chart Entry button to the right and grab your Face Chart Template.

💡 If you’re a provider, you may be using our Day tab to chart.

Pointer Tool

Jane will have your pointer tool selected by default. Feel free to select the areas you’ve injected to add a pointer that corresponds to a note field below the image where you can track the number of units or syringes used, the product used, the injecting technique used, or all of the above.

💡 Tip: You can click and drag a pointer to move it.

Lastly, if you’d like to add up the units or syringes used, it’s always handy to have a place in your chart for easy reference like a Note field below your Face Chart.

Drawing Tool

If you’re interested in exploring a different method of charting, feel free to try out our Drawing Tool! This is a common favourite for those practitioners using iPads as their devices for charting.

Note that with our drawing tool, you’ll have the availability to choose the marker width and colour. You can also undo or restart your changes if needed.

Depending on your preferred method of charting, we often see providers either draw the number of units used or draw the injection site.

As always, be sure to press the Sign button to confirm you’re finished filling out your Patient Chart.

Additional Resources

Take a peek at these helpful resources for more on customizing your Charts.

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