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Export Shortcuts From Autotext Expander

We previously recommended the chrome extension Autotext Expander, however their newest version isn’t compatible with Jane.

So we’ve built Phrases - Yahoo!

Phrases allow you to create your own options within Jane, which we know is be a lot of work. So we built-in an import option specifically for Autotext Expander.

How to Export Shortcuts from Autotext Expander

Start by opening the settings for Autotext Expander.

You can do this by clicking the TxT logo in the top right the Google Chrome browser, then click Import/Export.

Next, click into the blue text area and highlight all text to copy.

If you have trouble highlighting the text, set the cursor to the top and click cmd+shift+down arrow to highlight everything. (Crtl+shift+down arrow on PC’s).

Once you’ve copied all the text over, head over to jsoneditoronline.org.

Paste the information and then click Save. We recommend the disk option as this save the file to your Download folder.

All done! You can now mosey over to the Phrases tab inside your Staff Profile and and click Import.

Select the .json file, and upload!

Please note that if you started your shortcuts in Autotext Expander with a . or another symbol - you can just skip the symbol when using Jane’s phrases. For example if you import a shortcut as .ice you would just type /ice when using that shortcut in Jane’s charts.

We hope this helped. As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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