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Step 3: Treatments

There are 5 basic steps required to get your Jane account up and running:

Set Up Task Complete
Clinic Information 🥳
Disciplines 🥳
Treatments ✍️

Set Up Step 3: Treatments

Now that you have let Jane know your area of practice, you can set up the different services that you offer. Under the Settings tab in the top menu, navigate to Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments on the left.

Tax: If you charge tax on your services, you will want to head to Settings > Taxes to set up your taxes first.

In this set up document, we’ll go ahead and refer to the service a clinic offers as Treatments, but Jane lets you choose what to call yours. Hop into our Customizing Jane guide to learn more.

Note: If your clinic has chosen to call your services Sessions, this tab will say Sessions, Classes & Group Appointments instead of Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments - and the same if you decide to call your services something else.

To start setting up the different services you offer, click the “New Treatment” button in blue on the right. You’ll want to create a new treatment for each service you’d like to offer your clients.

Watch this quick video to learn how to set up treatments:

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!


💡 Jane tip: If you’re creating multiple similar treatments, you can create the first one and then duplicate it to save some time. From your list of treatments, you can click the Duplicate button next to the original treatment, edit the settings (make sure to remove “Copy of” from the name), and then click Save. All done!

Treatment Set Up Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while completing this information:

Appointment Type

The first thing you’ll need to choose is whether this is a One-on-One, Class Booking, or Group Appointment using the dropdown menu. If you choose Class Booking or Group Appointment, you’ll be able to select the Capacity (number of participants) using the next dropdown below.

For more on Class Bookings (eg. Yoga class), head here: Class Booking. And for more information on Group Appointments (eg. couples counselling), check out: Group Appointments.

Finally, let Jane know if this is an In-Person or Online Appointment.

If you choose Online, Jane will automatically send a link to join a video call to your client or clients 1-hour before their appointment. Check out our guide on 1:1 Online appointments here, and our Online Appointment for Groups here.

Discipline & Staff Member

Select the Discipline (type of practitioner) that will be offering this Treatment.

Next, you can choose the Staff member that will be offering it. If you select No Staff Member (Shared Treatment) then any Staff member of that Discipline will be able to choose to offer this Treatment. If you specify one practitioner, it will only appear under their name.

This will affect how your Online Booking page appears to your clients and how your Staff view their Treatments in their Staff Profile. Read more about that in our Setting Up Treatments guide.

Treatment Descriptions

When creating a new treatment, Jane allows you to include a Before Booking Description, and After Booking Description. You’ll be able to Edit this treatment at any time, so you can come back to complete the description areas later if you’d like :)

Here’s an example of how the Before Booking Description area can be used:

If you ever decide you no longer want that treatment in your list of Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments, you can go ahead and Archive it and Jane will tuck it away for you.

👏 Mic drop! You’ve completed account set up Step 3! Only a few steps to go and you’ll be ready to start booking appointments.

Head on over to your account and mark step 3 as complete. Next up, Step 4.

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