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Getting Started with Online Appointments for Groups

Online Appointments for Groups is our first optional add-on, for an additional $15 per practitioner, per month. It is compatible with all plans and can be added to your subscription and cancelled at any time.

Check out the following guides to learn how to get started with Online Appointments for Groups:

Getting Started - For Clients

Getting Started for Practitioners

Troubleshooting & FAQ

A note from our co-founder, Ali, on why we chose to make this an add-on:

A paid add-on is new for Jane. It’s new for you as our Customer Community. So we know it can create questions. I’ll see if I can answer them.

The world of video conferencing has infrastructure that is charged by the minute, and the more participants the more minutes are charged. In a one-hour call with 5 participants, Jane will be billed for 5 hours of video call time. Because offering this feature has an added cost, if we did not add a fee, Jane would actually be making LESS money to provide your account than before we added the feature. And the more you used it, the less we would make. And I remember my mother teaching me a valuable business lesson when she was running her own physiotherapy practice.

She told me about a bakery that sold loaves of bread for $1 but it cost them $2 to make every loaf. When the baker found he was losing money and was asked about a plan to save his business he responded: “I guess I’ll have to sell even more bread!”

This story has always stuck with me about the importance of making sound business decisions. I loved the absurdity of the thinking that selling more at a loss would lead to success and of course, eventually, this baker would no longer be able to sell any bread at all. So his customers would not be happy in the long run either.

We do have a few features planned that we will offer as add-ons, and we plan to continue to expand all the solutions we offer to your practices - but hopefully the onus is on us here at Jane to make the feature worth the price.

I always want you to feel like Jane is outsized value to the cost to your practice. And I think that sets the bar high for us to deliver a delightful helpful experience.

This feature will not end here. We’ll keep developing to make that $15 feel like you would pay triple: because the way the group appointment experience is integrated into your clinical life is so seamless and simple and delightful that you couldn’t imagine how you managed without it!

That’s our bar and I hope you’ll keep working with us as we keep developing to reach it.


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