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Using Your iPad/iPhone for 1:1 Online Appointments (For Clients)

💡 This guide assumes that you already have a 1:1 Online Appointment booked with your provider. You will want to reach out to your clinic directly if you are unsure!

Let’s get you connected for your upcoming video call with Jane’s 1:1 Online Appointments on IOS!

Prerequisite: Download the Jane Online Appointments App

Begin by downloading the Jane Online Appointments App. Find it on the App Store here.

After the App has downloaded to your device, it will look like this. You can simply close this page.

Important Note: This App is simply a communication tool for Jane. You will not have access to Begin your session from this tool. Please follow the steps below on how to Begin your session.

Step 1: Begin your 1:1 Online Appointment

There are two ways you can begin your 1:1 Online Appointment.

1. Join via Email Appointment Reminder

You will receive an Appointment Reminder email sent to you by your provider 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Tap the button at the bottom of the email to begin: Begin Your Online Appointment

2. Join via My Account

Alternatively, you can access this same video call link by logging into your account on your clinic’s Jane site, using the Sign In button at the top of the page.

The URL to the clinic’s Jane site will look something like clinicnamehere.janeapp.com— often, clinics will include a direct link to their Jane online booking site on their website, but you can always ask if you are unsure!

Once you have logged into your account, scroll down to view your Upcoming Appointments, then tap the blue Begin button next to today’s appointment.

Reminder: If you have not yet downloaded our Jane Online Appointments App, you will be redirected to the App Store to download it. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to return to your email or My Account page to Begin the session. You will not be able to Begin the session from inside the app.

Jane and the clinic will need your consent before the video call begins. Scroll down and tap I consent to provide it.

Step 3: Connect Audio & Video

Jane’s Online Appointments App will now open to begin the video session!

You might see a prompt from the app to request permission to access your Microphone and Camera. Tap OK to proceed.

When you first arrive at your 1:1 Online Appointment, you will be in a private waiting area. If your practitioner has already joined the call, they’ll admit you as soon as they’re ready. If they haven’t joined yet, you’ll hear a chime 🔔 when they do and they’ll admit you shortly.

Great! You’re all set.

Are you using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad)? If so, please ensure the Jane Online Appointments App is up to date for an improved start-of-call experience. You can visit the App Store Here to update the App.

Video Icons

Description of Icons starting from the left:

  • Text Chat Window - Use this to chat with your practitioner through text and emojis.
  • Mute/Unmute - Turn on/off audio. Great for those moments when you need to mute sounds during the call.
  • Leave Call - When you’re finished with your call, click here or simply close the tab.
  • Start/Stop Video - Click here to enable or disable your video.
  • Menu - Inside the menu, you can change your sound device, toggle the camera, enable low bandwidth mode, and enter tile view.
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