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Branding Your Online Booking Page

How does my Online Booking page look?

I’d be wondering the exact same thing if I were you! Head on over to your name in the top right-hand corner of your Jane account, click the drop-down arrow, and select “Online Booking”.

You’ll quickly notice that we 💙 our Jane blue (Hex code #00c1ca is Jane’s favourite colour 😉), but we want your online booking site to look like you! Within this guide, we’ll show you how you can customize Jane to fit your clinic branding. To get back into the administrative side of Jane, click the Jane logo in the top right-hand corner.

Jane Respects your Brand

Jane’s online booking page is an extension of your website and a great way to promote your brand online. Start by clicking Settings > then select Branding on the left-hand side of your page.

💡Note that you will need to be an Account Owner or Full Acces-User to access this area of Jane.

Here, you will have the options of adding your Primary Color and Accent Color. These colours will be used throughout the online booking process. For both, you’ll have the ability to click into the colour swatch on the right-hand side and select from a colour palette. Or, add in your hex # within the field to the right:

Keep in mind that Jane sometimes uses white text on your Online Booking Site. For both your Primary Color and your Accent Color, Jane may alert you if you’ve chosen a color that is too light. You’ll want to choose a more saturated color (darker color) so that white text is easier to read, which will also help clients who may have visual impairment.

If you have a secondary color, you can add it to your Accent Color. This will show up when a client selects an appointment to book online, as shown in the example above.

💡 Note that your Jane blue will not change in your administrative side of Jane.

Great! Now that your colors have been chosen, let’s go ahead and select “Save Colors” before proceeding.

Your Logo, Email Header, and Background

Next, let’s upload your logo. If the file is a type that Jane can read, then your image will display right away once you click the blue “upload” button.

Your logo will appear on your invoices and receipts, but also on your online booking page as a clickable link that will allow your patients and clients to jump over to your personal clinic website (if you’ve added one to the Settings tab > Clinic Info). If you do not have a personal clinic website, that’s no problem at all!

Here’s a quick example if you’ve added your clinic website to the “Website” field here over in the Settings tab > Clinic Info area:

Jane will link your logo to the website address you’ve entered.

If you’d like to add an online booking button to your personal clinic website, you can learn more about that here under the section “Linking from your website”.

Finally, you have the option of adding in an email header and an online booking background. The email header will sit inside the emails that will get sent to your clients, like appointment reminders.

Let’s take a look at an example. Here are Jane’s uploaded Logo and Email Header:

And here’s what your Email Header like in an Email Reminder:

Lastly, you’ll also have the opportunity to add an Online Booking Background. Take a look at this page for ideas during the holidays 😍. For the best results, upload a JPG file that is at least 1200px by 1200px. The maximum file size is 5mb.

Once you’re ready, just make sure to click the blue “Upload” button and you’re on your way! Now you have a beautifully branded online booking site customized to match your brand. ✨

Why not take a quick peek? Head on back over to your name in the top right-hand corner of your Jane account, click the drop-down arrow, and select “Online Booking” to check out your changes. Nice work! 👏

If you have any questions, we love hearing from you! Our email is [email protected].

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