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Mental Health Hub

Welcome to Jane’s hub for all things Mental Health!

We created this hub for our mental health practitioners so you can find everything you need all in one place. You can refer to this page when setting up your account and reference key mental health workflows as you continue using Jane.

Tips for Getting Started

There’s always a learning curve when starting something new, but we’re here to make this process as smooth and easy as possible! We hope you can give yourself the time you need to learn and adjust to the change. It’ll be worth it, we promise 💙

Account Set up Consultation

Ready to kick-start your Jane journey? Book your free Account Setup Consultation Call on our Online Booking Site! It’s a fantastic chance to chat with our support specialists before launching with Jane. Here’s our handy Account Setup Guide with more info!

Canadian clinics, click here to book.

Clinics in the United States, click here to book.

Setting up the Basics

To get your account basics set up, you can follow the handy onboarding checklist in the top left corner of your account. This includes adding your Clinic Information, Disciplines, and Services, as well as any additional Staff Profiles, and finally, creating your Schedule.

Importing Data?

Our dedicated imports team has got your back! Schedule your Import in Jane, and let our experts handle the rest. Wondering if your software is supported? Check our “Where Can You Import From? guide. If it’s not listed, don’t fret! Our team will work their magic to find a solution!

Other Set-up Recommendations

Reminders & Notifications

Set up Email and SMS Reminders for Clients to avoid missed appointments.

Online Booking Site

Did you know you can customize your Jane online booking site and link it to your current website? This guide on Branding Your Online Booking Site will help get you started.

Clinic Sites

For those who don’t have a clinic website, would you like one that’s integrated with your Jane site, super easy to create, and even easier to update for only $59 per month? We’re partnered with Clinic Sites who would love to make all of your website dreams come true. Here’s a link to our guide on all things Clinic Sites if you’d like more information.

Jane Payments

Important Workflows


Jane’s charting is easy and customizable to fit any clinician’s needs.

Intake Forms

We have heard that building out your intake forms is not every practitioner’s favourite thing, but we hope to make it quick and easy with intake forms in Jane. You can set your intake forms and consents to go out automatically for

Online Appointments

Did you know you can see clients virtually through Jane’s integrated online appointments? This platform is fully HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA compliant.

1:1 Online Appointments (included in all Jane subscriptions)

Online Appointments for Groups

  • Jane’s Online Appointments for Groups is an optional paid add-on that allows practitioners to see up to 12 related participants in one session. Check out the linked guide for more information on how to enable and start using this feature in your account!

Other Resources

Jane Support

We have a team full of lovely support members who are eager to help with all things Jane! You can reach them at 1-844-310-5263 from 6 AM to 5 PM PSTMonday - Friday and 8 AM to 12 PM Saturday.

We also have live chat support from 6 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday - Friday and you can always send us an email at [email protected]

Community Facebook Groups

We have a wonderful customer community on Facebook. You can join at the link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/janerunsclinics. Once your request has been approved, you can connect with other Jane clinics and find out how they’re using Jane.

For those US practitioners who bill insurance, we also have a group specifically for billing questions you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/janeusbilling

Front Desk Magazine

In 2023 we launched Front Desk magazine with a focus on providing insights and actionable tips related to the business side of running a practice.

It’s a free, print magazine that has a list of 10,500 subscribers (and growing!). If you’d like to check it out, you can access the digital version as well as sign up to receive the next issue by clicking here.

Webinars & Workshops

You can view our past and upcoming webinars on Jane’s Webinars & Events Library page.

Feature Requests

We regularly review our Feature Request Page which is available to our current community. At Jane, our mission is to Help the Helpers (that’s you!) Our community is full of engaged members who love sharing their experiences using Jane to run their practice.

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