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Hide Client Information from Financial Emails

The Hide Client Information from Financial Emails preference allows clinics to choose how they would like their clients to receive emailed copies of their receipts, invoices, and other financial documents.

Clinics will be able to specify whether:

  • Clients receive an email with an HTML preview of the document, along with a PDF attachment — this is how things are currently in Jane.
  • Clients receive an email with a link that prompts them to log into their client profile. Once authorized, they will be redirected to the document within their browser which they can view, print, or download.

If you are interested in the technical details of sending data over email, refer to our security article on Email Encryption.


Enabling the Feature

When this feature is disabled, Jane will include a text preview of the financial document in the email, along with a PDF attachment.

A full-access user can enable this feature under the Settings Tab > Billing Settings area. This will hide client information from all financial emails. This includes receipts, invoices, statements, and superbills (US only).

Once enabled, the text preview and PDF attachment in the email will be replaced by a secure link.


Accessing a Document

Clicking the email link will redirect clients to the login page, where they will be required to enter their username and password to authorize their identity. If they do not yet have a profile set up, they will be able to verify their identity and set up their login information.

Once logged into their client profile, Jane will do a quick check to ensure that the person logged in matches the client the document was intended for.

If these are a match, then Jane will redirect the client straight to a PDF preview of their financial document. They can view, print, or download the document as needed.

If Jane detects that the user logged in does not match the client the document was intended for, an error that reads: “Sorry, you do not have access to this area” will be displayed.

We created this guide document for clients to showcase the client experience if you’re interested!



If a client has a relationship set up with the permission to “Receive a copy of receipts, statements, and financial emails”, the relationship will also receive a copy of the secure link.

Keep in mind that the relationship will be required to log into Jane with their own credentials in order to access the receipt.

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