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Disabling tax on an individual purchase

Sometimes there are situations where you may need to disable tax on a specific purchase. For instance, perhaps you have an individual patient who is tax-exempt.

In these cases, Jane’s got your back with a quick workflow you can use to remove tax on a purchase.

You’ll want to begin by heading to the Purchase panel. This can be done by clicking on an appointment in your Schedule so that the Appointment panel pops up and you can click View in the Billing Info section.

Screenshot of the Appointment panel in the Schedule

Or you can access it directly from the Patient Profile by heading to their Billing tab and clicking View on the purchase.

Screenshot of the Billing tab in a Patient Profile

In the Purchase panel, simply uncheck the This purchase is taxable checkbox.

Screenshot of the Purchase panel

Ta-da ✨ just like that you have removed tax from that specific purchase. Quick and easy like we promised.

For more info on taxes in Jane and how to set those up, feel free to check out our Setting Up Sales Taxes in Jane Jane guide.

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