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How to Bill Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)

Injectables are generally priced per unit, and we want to appropriately capture this in Jane and make the checkout process nice and easy for your staff and patients. Let’s dive into the steps of Billing Botox.

Step 1: Treatments

Treatments in Jane have a fixed cost, but when using injectables, we want the cost to fluctuate depending on how many we use. To manage this, we’ll start by creating a $0.00 treatment, and then we’ll attach a product to it so that we can bill accurately for how much Botox is used for each patient.

Start by heading to Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments > Edit/New Treatment and adjust the price to $0.00.

If you offer Online Booking, we recommend that you uncheck the Display Price on the Online Booking pages and click **Update Treatment.

That way, when your patients go to book their treatments Online, they don’t see the $0.00 price.

Step 2. Create Products

  1. Create a product for a single unit. Ex. “Botox $10/Unit, Dysport $10/Unit, Xeomin $10/Unit”
  2. Fill out the required Name, Price, and Income Category fields **(you’ll likely want to select treatment income as the category for this, or sometimes we see clinics make a separate Income Category for injectables)
  3. Once all the fields necessary are complete, click Update Product.

Step 3: Billing Botox

When you arrive an appointment, you can click the down arrow next to the Pay button and select Add Items.

Next, you can search for the product you’ve made for Botox units and edit the quantity.

📣 Jane tip: Make sure to attach the product sale to a practitioner if you want the product sale to count towards their staff compensation in the compensation report.

Below, you’ll see that I’ve added 30 units under Dr. Fiona Quinn for the Patient’s October 5th Botox Appointment.

You can also add products to an appointment from the Billing Info section of the appointment panel. The product sale will automatically be assigned to the practitioner who the appointment is booked with.

You can adjust the quantity of the product with the plus and minus symbols.

Alternatively, if you select the View button beside the invoice for your Botox unit, you can manually adjust the quantity of the units billed.

Voila! All of the items will be on a single payment screen, and included on a single receipt:

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