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How to Manually Override an Invoice

Jane has a great feature called Adjustments for applying commonly used discounts to invoices. Adjustments are great because they indicate to the patient that they’ve received a discount from the normal treatment price.

However, sometimes you just need to change the price of an invoice in order to override the price that is set. Jane will let you do this, but if you have already applied a payment, you will need to use the instructions for  Editing an Invoice with Payment Applied

Please note! If you manually override the invoice, and then perform an action that causes Jane to re-generate the invoice (e.g., change the insurance coverage or change the practitioner), Jane will reset the price on the invoice to the original amount. Again, if you find yourself manually overriding a significant number of invoices, you should use the Adjustments feature.

If you don’t want to use a pre-set Adjustment amount, you can Unapply the payment and then change the invoice to reflect the amount you want to charge, and then reapply the payment.

To do this you would:

1 - Head to the patient’s Billing then Payments tab and “View” the payment that was used to underpay the invoice.

2 - Unapply the payment (which will create a “credit” on the account).

3a - To manually adjust the price as a one time change you can now access the unpaid invoice directly from the patient’s Billing_Purchases tab:

Then you will be able to just manually change the amount.


3b - You can add an adjustment instead if you want this to change the price in a way that can be reported on or tracked. To do that you would click directly on the “view” button to see the purchase:

Where you can change the price using one of your adjustment options:

Learn more about adjustments here: Creating an Adjustment

  1. Re-apply the Payment to the now adjusted invoice.

Select the treatment you want to pay off as normal in the first screen and click next. You will be given the Credit as a payment option to pay off the invoice.

Use the credit to re-pay for the invoice.

Notes: don’t change any dates or back date anything during this process. The unapplying and reapplying of the payment will cancel each other out on todays reporting and all of the original reports will be maintained in the past.

Hope that helps! If you’re looking to partially collect payment and write off any remaining amounts, take a look at this guide here: Writing Off Unpaid Amounts (and Reversing Them!).

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