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Creating a Product

Ready to add that product list to your Jane account? You’re in the perfect place!

Creating a Product

To get started, a staff member with Administrative / All Billing access will want to head over to the Settings tab and then select Products within the left sidebar menu:

On the Products screen, click New Product in the top-right:

Now you can fill in the information about your new product! Only the product’s Name, Price, and Income Category are required:

You can assign a product to any income category that you have created in Jane. This allows you to further differentiate your products to different reporting categories and also to compensate your staff differently for different product sales.

If it’s a physical product or inventory, you can also enter your Quantity or supplies on hand per location to keep track of how much you sell:

When you’re ready, just hit Create Product at the bottom to save your product.

Other Product Fields

Wondering what those other fields are meant for? Let’s take a look:

Product Code

While the Product Code field isn’t mandatory, you can use a barcode scanner to scan your product’s barcode into this field! Then, when you Sell This Product, you can scan the barcode into Jane to quickly check out your customer:


The Description Field also allows you to add extra detailed notes to show up on the receipt for that product:

Reorder Threshold

The reorder threshold will trigger the product to appear on your Inventory Report order list when the stock is one less than the threshold. This allows you to list a product without a quantity for items that are a special order.

💡 Jane Tip: The Reorder Threshold applies to each location individually. For example, if your yoga mat Reorder Threshold is 5, and you have 35 yoga mats at the Village but only 4 at the District, your Inventory Report will show that you need to reorder yoga mats for the District only.

Viewing the Log of Changes for a Product

Need to keep tabs on your ever-changing inventory? Jane keeps track of everything - recording every last change

NOTE📍: Since this is a clinic-wide setting, only users with Full Access to the account can view this area. Check out our guide on Staff Access Levels for more details.

To start, you’ll want to head over to the Settings tab and select Products from the left sidebar menu. You can browse the page for the desired product inventory you need to investigate. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to help narrow down the options.

From here, you can click on the blue View Log text under the Inventory column.

This log will show a list of when inventory increased or decreased. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the reason for the change, any notes from your lovely staff and the date those actions took place - all in one go.

If you’d like to see a bit more details for a purchase, click on the blue Created Purchase text. Jane will redirect you straight to the invoice for a little extra sleuthing 🔍

Next up, click here to learn how to Sell a Product!


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