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Email a Patient Invoice

💸 Did You Know? With Jane Payments, you’ll be able to invoice and receive credit card payments directly within Jane. Instead of just emailing an invoice, you could send a Pay Balance Email to encourage your client to settle up their outstanding balance right away online.

With more and more clinics offering remote or telemedicine services, practitioners may find that they’re not always be able to collect a payment at the same time a service was rendered. In these situations, you may want to send your client a quick invoice for the session as a friendly reminder to settle up— Jane’s got you covered!


Email a Patient Invoice

To email an invoice to a patient, you’ll want to navigate to the invoice details page. You can reach this page by visiting the Patient’s Profile > Billing > Purchases area and clicking the blue invoice text…

… or by clicking on the blue invoice text under the Billing Info section of the Appointment Panel.

From here, there will be an Email button that will send a copy of the invoice to the email address that the patient has on file.

💡Reminder: If your patient has a relationship set up to receive a copy of financial documents, they will also receive an email with the invoice attached.

The patient will receive an email with the details of the invoice.

The email will also include a PDF version of the invoice for the client to print or download as needed.

You can then record a payment for a patient once it has been received (often by e-transfer or cheque) in their Profile > Billing > Payments area. Here is a quick video on Payment Basics in case you’d like a quick refresher.

And that’s all there is to it! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I generate an invoice?

Jane will automatically generate an invoice for you once an appointment is marked as arrived or no show.

My client hasn’t arrived yet, but I want to invoice them in advance!

Oh, not a problem! You will want to first arrive the appointment to prompt Jane to generate an invoice, then send the email to your client. You will be able to un-arrive the appointment after the invoice is generated if you would like to mark the session as arrived on the day of. However, keep in mind that un-arriving the appointment will “hide” the invoice (and the outstanding balance) for the time being until it is re-arrived again.

For those using the standard Email Invoice option, this is not a concern as a payment can be retroactively connected to an invoice at a later time.

Keep in mind that if you are using Jane’s Pay Balance email option to collect credit card payments, an existing outstanding balance is required in order for your client to be able to settle up online. In this case, we would recommend against un-arriving the appointment after the invoice has been generated to ensure payment can be successfully processed.

How can I email an insurer invoice?

At this time, only patient invoices can be emailed. Insurer invoices can be downloaded as a PDF file then sent to a third-party insurer outside of Jane.

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