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Creating Treatment Combinations

We’ve noticed that our Aesthetic Clinics like to get creative when it comes to making unique combinations of treatments. This comes up when a clinic is looking to:

  • Combine modalities or resources
  • Perform multiple treatments within a single appointment
  • Combine areas that are being treated

In this guide, we’ll go over how to set up some common examples of treatment combinations — but if you’re just getting started, our guide on Setting Up Treatments will be your go-to resource for creating your initial offerings.

Feel free to jump to a specific section below: 👇

For each of the scenarios, we’ll get started by heading to Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments > New Treatment.

Scenario One: Combining Services

Combining two services into one treatment allows your clients to easily book popular treatment combos and helps you to be sure that the right amount of time is blocked off in your schedule. This is also a great way to bundle up treatments that complement each other or to level up your offerings with add-on services.

Some combinations that we see come up often are:

  • Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • Filler and Neuromodulator Bundle
  • IPL and Chemical Peel Treatment Combination
  • IV Therapy Session and Lip Filler Package

💡Tip: If you’d like to organize your offerings, head to our Disciplines Guide. In our example below, we have created a Discipline for “Facial Treatments”.

Start by filling in the required fields and setting your pricing. If your treatment price varies (based on the number of units required, for example), our Medical Aesthetics Hub has got you covered with our recommended billing workflows.

💡One more tip: if you’re pairing different modalities together, you may need to update or add to your clinic’s Resources. If you want a second set of eyes on this, feel free to reach out to our team.

Scenario Two: Combination Treatments by Area

You may also want to combine treatments for multiple treatment areas into one service. This comes in handy if you want to bundle together the same type of service for different parts of the body.

Common combinations we often come across are:

  • Facial Balancing Package: Lips, Chin, and Cheek Filler
  • IPL Face, Neck, and Chest
  • Summer Ready: Brazillian and Underarms Laser Hair Removal

Fill out the required fields and set your pricing. Again, if your pricing varies, head to our Medical Aesthetics Hub to walk through our recommended billing workflows.

And there you have it! We’ve successfully set up treatment combinations.

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