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Creating a New Payment Method

If you are processing or receiving payments outside of Jane, you can create manual payment methods to indicate payment was taken - but processed elsewhere. For example, if you accept Cash, E-transfer, Venmo, etc

Note: Be careful when setting these up as it does create opportunities for human error. For example, if you create a payment method named Credit Card - staff may think this is actually processing payment on the card, but it wouldn’t be. This would simply manually mark the invoice as paid.

Do you take another payment method that isn’t part of the default list? Or would you like to clean up your payment methods and delete options from the list that you don’t offer?

You can add a new payment method in your Settings tab in the Payment Methods area.

Click on that “New Payment Method” button at the top right there.

You’ll see a create payment method screen where you can enter the details of the payment method.

Give it a general category that will be displayed on receipts and invoices, and name it in a way that makes sense for your clinic internally.

You can also set practitioner transaction fees which will be reflected on the Compensation Report as a deduction.

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