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Creating a New Payment Method

If you are processing or receiving payments outside of Jane, you can create manual payment methods to record that you received the payment - but processed it elsewhere. For example, if you accept Cash, E-transfer, Venmo, Care Credit etc. If the payment method isn’t part of the default list that comes with your Jane account you can create a brand new one!

Let’s dive right in 🤿

To add a new payment method, a Full Access user can head over to the Settings tab, select Payment Methods within the left sidebar menu and then click on the blue New Payment Method button.

screenshot of navigating to this area

From there, you can begin entering all the details for your new payment method. You’ll first want to start off by selecting the location where this payment method can be used.

screenshot of all the required fields

Note 📍: If your clinic has multiple locations, you’ll want to make sure to create payment methods for each individual location. At the moment, we aren’t able to opt a payment method into multiple locations.

Payment Type: The name entered here will appear on all the financial documents. This means it’ll appear on all invoices, receipts, reports and statements.

Name: This is an internal name that identifies this unique payment method for staff members. If your clinic has multiple debit/credit machines.

Practitioner transaction Fee or Rate: These fields are if you would like to charge staff members a fee for using that payment method to record a payment. The Fee field is a flat dollar value and the rate is a percentage on each transaction.

The Compensation Report will display these deductions within the Fees section of the report.

screenshot of the fees area on the compensation area

Deleting a Payment Method

If you ever need to delete a payment method that’s no longer needed, a Full Access user can head over to the Settings tab, and select Payment Methods within the left sidebar menu.

This time, you’ll want to click on the blue Edit button to the right of the payment method you’d like to delete.

screenshot of the navigation

Next, you want to click on the red Delete button to delete the payment method. Friendly reminder that this will not delete any of the billing history this payment method was attached to. It just makes it inactive so it can’t be used to record future payments.

screenshot of the delete button on the bottom left of the screen

Payment methods associated with an integrated insurer (i.e. Teleplan, Telus eClaims or Pacific Blue Cross) or a Jane Payments account cannot be deleted.

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