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Patient and Insurer Info on Receipts

Hi Jane Peeps,

High time we made this a support doc.

Many of you have asked about getting both the insurer and the patient portion onto a single receipt. Here’s how you can find that information!

From the Patient’s Billing Tab, you can go to their Purchases and filter down to the visit or visits you’d like displayed. Note that you’ll want them to be blue so if you use filters to get down to a list you’d like, just hit the “select all” button to turn the entire list blue. Or if you only want a few of the visits, click them individually to create a custom set.

Then use the “Statement” button at the top to create the report.

From there you will see some further filters at the top of the Statement - you can choose to show just Patient info, just Insurer info or both. You can also filter to only invoices, only payments or both invoices and payments. Once you’ve set the filters hit the “filter” button to have them come into effect:

The “email” button will email the statement directly to the patient, or print it out.

I hope that helps!

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