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Assigning Product/Inventory to Staff

In order for Jane to know which staff member a particular sale is associated with, it first has to be assigned to a practitioner. Appointment invoices are automatically assigned to the staff member who provided the service, but with products, the staff member responsible for receiving the compensation for the sale is not always as clear.

From the Schedule

If you add the product from the schedule using the “Add Items” from the Pay drop down, it is automatically assigned to the therapist who completed the treatment.

​You can use the pencil button beside the practitioner name to edit who the purchase is assigned to, so if it should belong to another practitioner, click the pencil to change the staff member.

From the Purchase Screen

​If you are selling the product from the Billing > New Sale screen, the sale will begin with “no staff member” assigned. Click the blue text to Add Staff Member, then search for their name to assign the sale.

After the Fact

​If the product has already been sold, and you are looking to change who it belongs to, head to Patient Profile > Billing > Purchases then select View at the end of the row/

​Then, you can either select Add Staff Member if the sale is unassigned, or Change if it’s assigned to the wrong person.


The sale will show up on the Practitioner’s Compensation Report for the date on which the product was paid.

If you are interested in pulling up a list of all the unassigned products for a certain period, you’ll want to visit the Sales by Staff Member report. If there are any transactions missing a staff member, they will be displayed under the “unassigned” section of the report.

If you are looking for a way to quickly jump to the purchase screen to assign a staff member, you can click the blue invoice text to bring up the invoice details.

And from this screen, you’ll want to click the drop-down arrow and select “View Purchase” from the list.

This should bring you to that familiar purchase screen where you can use the pencil once again to assign a staff to the sale.

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