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Printing or Emailing Receipts

You can print, re-print, or email a receipt any time after a patient has been billed. There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on your situation.

In the moment: Providing a receipt from the Schedule

For recent purchases, such as a receipt for an appointment that happened on the same day, the quickest way to print or email receipts is to click on the appointment in the schedule to show the Appointment panel.

When viewing the Appointment Panel, you can click on the Drop-down Arrow to the right side of the Pay button. Here, you will see the option to Print, Email, or view a PDF of the receipt.

Sending Retroactively: For Practitioner or Front Desk staff:

If you head to the patient’s profile, you can navigate to the Appointments tab. Here, you’ll be able to see a list of the appointments for this patient.

When you select an appointment you’d like to provide a receipt for, Jane will pull up the Appointment Panel like what you would see in the schedule. Similar to the schedule, you can use the dropdown to the right of the Pay button to Print, Email, or view a PDF of that receipt.

From the Appointments Panel receipts can be sent on a per-appointment basis.

Sending Retroactively: For Administrative and Full Access staff

In the patient’s profile, you can navigate to the Billing tab to see a list of purchases for this patient. Depending on your access level, you may only see purchases that are associated with you.

More info on access levels here: Staff Access Levels.

Using the dropdown next to the View button, you can Print or Email a receipt:

If you’re printing the receipt, a printable version of the receipt will appear onscreen, with some buttons to either print the receipt or render it into a PDF.

If you’re looking to send more information on a single statement check out this help document.

What type of receipt should I send?

When you’re looking to provide a receipt through any of the methods listed above, you’ll have a couple of options when selecting what type of receipt you’re providing:

  • Receipt (Quick)
  • Receipt (Options)
  • Receipt (Detailed)

Receipt: Quick is only listed when you’re looking to print the receipt. This will bring you straight to the print window and will be for the “Receipt: Options”.

Receipt: Options will provide some key details about the invoice, and any payments associated with the invoice.

Receipt: Detailed will provide all the information that Receipt: Options has, but will give a more specific breakdown when it comes to things like discounts or insurance coverage amounts. It will also provide a summary at the bottom.

When sending receipts – there are some great options depending on how much information you’re looking to include! Of course, if you have any additional questions around receipts that weren’t covered in this guide, please reach out to us with your questions!

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