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Partially Pay an Invoice

This guide is showing you how to partially pay an invoice to create a receivable on the account.

If you’d like to charge the patient only a portion of the invoice with no remaining balance, see our guide on manually overriding an invoice.

If you’d like to pay off an invoice in portions using multiple payment methods, see our guide on using multiple payment methods

For partially paying a patient invoice, once you’ve reached the check-out screen the first page you see is a list of invoices to be paid by the patient. From here you can edit the amount you’re wanting to collect on that invoice.

Edit the amount to collect in the field on the right, and then click Next. Then you can select and apply payment as you normally would.

So in this scenario, Thomas has a $95 invoice but will only be paying $50, leaving $45 remaining for him to pay the next time he’s in. Here’s what this statement would look like. To learn how to create statements, you can take a look at our guide on Patient Statements.

If you’re partially paying an insurer invoice or using the old billing screen, underneath the area where you select the payment method and date is a list of outstanding invoices. Edit the Amount to Apply field to set how much of that invoice you’re needing to pay off, and proceed to apply payment.

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