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How to Bill Filler

We often see our Aesthetic Clinics bill their Injectables in a few different ways. This could be by syringe, by the treatment area, or by brand.

Option 1: By Syringe

We can set up our syringes as Products and then add them to a client’s treatment when arriving the appointment. By doing this, we can have the Treatment itself cost $0.00, but then you’ll be able to add on the appropriate number of syringes to charge for each individual client. Here are the steps:

The first step is to Create a product. If you decide to bill by syringe, we often see clinics set up their product offerings like this:

  • Full Syringe of Filler - $750
  • Half Syringe of Filler - $450
  • Package of 3 Syringes of Filler - $2000

This is super helpful if you have a client whose treatment requires half syringes, or if you offer special pricing for a higher number of syringes.

To start, head to Settings > Products > New Product:

Fill out the required Name, Price, and Income Category fields (you’ll likely want to select treatment income as the category so that the staff member’s compensation is calculated appropriately). You can fill out any of the optional fields and then click Create Product.

Next, we’ll edit the cost of the Treatment to be $0.00 because we want the cost of the treatment to be based on the number of syringes added to the appointment.

  1. Head to Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments and click Edit next to the treatment.

  2. Adjust the Price to $0.00.

Uncheck the Display Price on Online Booking pages, and click Update Treatment:

Option 2: By Brand

Our second option is very similar to our first method. This workflow is great if you’re tracking your Inventory through Jane. This option is common in our larger Aesthetic Clinics which have providers who use a variety of different injectable brands that have slightly different pricing.

The first step is to Create a product. We often see clinics set up their product offerings like this:

  • Full Syringe Juvedermm - $800
  • Half Syringe Radiesse - $450
  • Full Syringe Restylane - $750
  • Three Syringe Sculptra - $3000

From here you can follow the steps from Option 1 to edit or create a treatment with a $0.00 cost.

We often see these treatments named “Filler Treatment” or “Botox & Filler” for example.

Option 3: By Area

Our last method is billing by area of treatment. This works great if you have a set price based on the area that’s treated. The advantage of this method is that you can bill based on the service rather than the amount of product used.

Typically this method is used by practitioners tracking their inventory outside of Jane because they won’t be attaching products to appointments so Jane won’t track how much of a product has been used for each appointment. We typically see the amount of product tracked within the chart notes for the applicable treatment.

The first for this method is to create your Treatments.

Because this method is billed per area, or per service provided, we’ll create our treatments with a cost attached to them instead of making them $0.00.

In my example below, we’ve created a treatment for a 7-Point Lift at the cost of $5500, and Chin Filler at the cost of $1200.

In the case that you’d like to track inventory within Jane, you do have the option to create Products for 0.00 with the respective syringe amount and adjust the quantity accordingly within the Appointment Panel.

That way, during the client’s visit, you can Sell a Product that will share how much product was used within the Patient’s Billing Info section. This will then update your inventory in Jane without impacting the price of the treatment.

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