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Billing for Per Unit (Mileage, Botox, Materials Used, Reporting etc.)

An increasing amount of clinics are looking for ways to bill for medical treatments, travel time, materials used, etc.

If you’re looking to bill for medical records or documentation, check out this handy Guide doc on Billing to Insurers Without an Appointment.

Otherwise, here’s the information you clicked for:

1) Create a product for a single unit.

For example:

  • Botox $10/unit
  • Filler $125 per half syringe
  • Filler per 1 ml
  • Travel time per hour
  • Reporting time per hour

You could create additional products for sub-units to bill for an exact amount like 1.25 ml of filler.

2) When you arrive an appointment, you can use the “Add Items” button from the drop-down to add products for your patients:

Below you can see that Susan is billing for Travel Time (a general fee), plus an additional 10 km using the quantity field:

All of the items will be on a single payment screen:

And included on a single receipt:

Pretty cool, huh?

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