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Billing To Insurers Without an Appointment (For Phone Calls/Chart Notes, etc.)

Who are Insurers?

In this guide document an Insurer might be a Lawyer, a School, an Insurance Company, or a Government Agency. In Jane, any payer who is not the patient would be considered under this umbrella term of “Insurer”.

Create a Product

To bill an insurer without booking the patient for an appointment, start by creating a product.  For example, you might create a product called “Phone Call.”  The charge can be your customary private rate, as if you’re billing to an insurer with a fee code.  

Check out our guide doc on How to Create an Invoice for Administrative Tasks that walks through how to create these types of products in more detail 💙

Sell the Product

If you require billing codes to be attached to the product sale, the product needs to be attached to an existing appointment for Jane to properly populate the necessary billing codes. At the moment, disciplines can only be assigned to staff, not products, and are what allow Jane to pull the appropriate Billing Codes. If you don’t require billing codes on the product invoice, you can still sell the product using the methods outlined below.

How do you attach a product to an appointment you ask? There are two main ways to achieve this!

Option #1: Appointment panel

This option is great if you need to sell the product while the patient is still at the clinic. You can head over to the Schedule tab, select the appointment and then scroll down to the Billing Info section. Lastly, you’ll want to click on Add Item and sell the product as usual!

Once the product is added, Jane will create a separate invoice. Just below the appointment insurance information, you’ll see the product listed and you can click on Add Policy.

Option #2: Patient Profile

You can also head over to the patient’s profile and then click on Billing within their profile. From Purchases, you’ll want to click on View to the right of the invoice for the appointment:

Next, click on the View Sale button in the top right:

You can add the product using the search box just below the appointment invoice. Make sure to hit Save to confirm those changes:

Now you’ll see the product invoice listed and by clicking on View to the right, you can scroll down to the Insurance section and add the policy:

When we sell a product this way, by default, the product invoice will be assigned to the staff member who treated the patient. We have a great guide on Assigning Product/Inventory to Staff that walks through how to change who a sale is assigned to in a bit more detail.

Manage the Charges

These invoices will now show up in your “Unsubmitted” area, ready to be validated, queued and/or submitted. Check out our guides on the following that walk through how to manage these claims:

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