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Billing To Insurers Without an Appointment (For Phone Calls/Chart Notes, etc.)

Who are Insurers?

In this guide document an Insurer might be a Lawyer, a School, an Insurance Company, or a Government Agency. In Jane, any payer who is not the patient would be considered under this umbrella term of “Insurer”.

Create a Product

To bill to an insurer without booking the patient for an appointment, start by creating a product.  For example, you might create a product called “Phone Call.”  The charge can be your customary private rate, as if you’re billing to an insurer with a fee code.  

Sell the Product

Head over to the Patient’s Profile using the Patient tab at the top. 

Find the patient under whom you’d like to bill a fee code. 

Head to their “Billing” Tab and choose the “New Purchase” button at the top right of the screen. 

Select the product from the search bar and then hit “Add Product.”

The product will now show up as an invoice line in the patient’s billing list.

Assign the Product  

Select the View button at the end of the billing line.

Start by assigning this purchase to a staff member, if appropriate.  Use the pencil “Edit” button to pull up a list to choose from. 

Insure the Product

Scroll down to the “Insurance” section and select the policy from the drop down menu. (See here for more information on setting up a patient policy) and choose the policy responsible for the charge.  

Once you add a policy, you’ll be able to add the coverage detail information. If this is a Teleplan insurer, enter the correct fee code for the charge. To add a second code, use the Add Additional Claim/Policy drop-down.  

Manage the Charges

These invoices will now show up in your “Unsubmitted” area, ready to be validated, queued and/or submitted. See here for Teleplan claim help and  here for Paper claim help. 

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