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HCAI billing in Jane: FAQ

This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about working with HCAI claims and tracking them within Jane.

Have a question that we haven’t covered? You can contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.

Before we get started: if you haven’t already, check out our guide on HCAI billing in Jane: Third Party Billing Workflow or HCAI billing in Jane: Block Billing Workflow claims for the workflows we recommend for documenting your HCAI claims.

Feel free to scroll through the different topics, or jump straight to a particular question:

Can Jane integrate with HCAI’s online submission portal?

No, currently HCAI is not an integrated insurer in Jane, and we cannot submit directly to HCAI from Jane (we can only submit to HCAI by launching a portal outside of Jane and submitting from there).

Should I create separate HCAI insurers or use a general HCAI insurer in Jane?

We generally recommend creating separate insurers in Jane for each insurance company (ex. Onlia, Aviva, TD Auto Insurance…etc). This makes it easier to keep track of claims and helps patients provide the correct insurance information when filling out intake forms.

If you need a refresher on collecting insurance information on intake forms, check out our guide here.

Can I add eligible amount fields for an MVA insurer?

Yes, you can if you’re using the third-party billing workflow. If you’re using the block billing workflow, you’ll need to edit the entire block since this workflow involves using a billing code to bill for the entire MIG Block instead of a policy.

What is the difference between the Block Billing workflow and the Third-Party Billing workflow?

Block Billing:

  • Uses multiple custom billing codes to represent each MIG Block
  • EHB is added at the end of the block

Third-Party Workflow:

What reports can we use to help gather info for HCAI submissions?

There are two main reports in Jane that can be filtered based on the Insurer or Insurance Policy.


To start, you’ll want to head over to the Billing tab, scroll down to the Insurer Invoices section, select the insurer and then click Insurance Policies:

Next, you can click View to the right of the policy to see a list of all the invoices in that insurance policy (in this case the MIG block).

You’ll be able to generate a statement, a list of invoices, or export them to a spreadsheet:


This report is helpful as a bird’s-eye view of the policies within an insurer’s billing profile. To view this report, you’ll want to head over to the Reports tab and select Insurance Policies:

This report is helpful for viewing generalized information about the patient, the policy details, the number of treatments they’ve had within that policy, policy maximums, and any notes.

This report can also be exported to Excel, CSV or printed using the three horizontal black dots to the right:

How would you bill to HCAI for reports or supplementary goods & services?

Reports/supplementary goods in Jane are billed using Products. We have a really handy guide on Billing to Insurers Without an Appointment that goes through the process and the setup.

Do we need to create Billing Codes for MVA patients?

This depends on the workflow that your clinic is using. If you’re using the Block Billing Workflow, then you’ll want to set up custom billing codes for each of the MIG Blocks that you’ll be direct billing to.

If your clinic uses the third-party billing workflow, then billing codes aren’t necessary.

How do I record payments for HCAI insurers?

Good news- the workflow is the same for all insurers. Here’s a guide on Receiving an Insurer Payment that walks through the process in a bit more detail (and even has a video!).

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