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Resetting Insurance Policy Counts and Limits

When a client comes in for the new year and wants to continue working with their current insurance coverage you can ask Jane to copy their open or closed policy from last year and start it over again for the new year

Why reset patient insurance policies each year?

Because this can help you keep the invoices and payments for the correct year attached to the correct policy. This way, when you view a previous year’s policy, you’d only see visits from that year attached to it. Likewise, when you view the current year’s policy, you’ll see just the visits from this year. A degree of separation can be helpful bookkeeping-wise, you know?

There are two ways you can reset a patient’s policy:

1. Individual Policy Reset

From the patient’s profile, you’ll want to head into their Billing tab and go to Insurance Policies to see their past and current policies:

To reset a policy, just check the box next to the policy. Then, you can click the Selected (1) button in the top-right and choose Reset for the year:

What Happens?

If you click Reset Insurance Policy, this will close the old policies for the year and duplicate them for the current year with all the same information (maximums, claims numbers etc).

The patient will then have a Closed policy for last year and a new Open policy with an end date for the end of this year.

2. Batch Reset All Policies

Batch resetting policies is a bit of a time-sensitive process, so if you’ve missed the first few weeks of January, it’s probably best to manage the policies individually as noted above. Certain insurers have limits that reset January 1st, such as extended benefits. Remember that you would not need to reset claims for MVAs or Workers Comp claims as these usually aren’t affected by the calendar year.

To batch reset insurance policies, you’ll reset policies per each insurer in the main Billing tab:

Then you can choose your insurer from the Insurer Invoices list:

And then head to Insurance Policies to see all your policies under this insurer:

Pro-Tip: Filter for Open Policies

The Insurance Policies list will show ALL policies, but you can click All States > Open Policies to show just your current policies. When resetting the insurance policies for a new year, you’ll likely only want to work with your open policies since a closed policy could mean that the client no longer uses that insurance or is no longer eligible.

Because Jane runs online, you’ll only see policies 25 at a time to make sure things load up quickly. To load the rest of your open policies, scroll to the bottom and continue clicking Load More to show more open policies on your screen. Here you can see that I’m up to 75 of 208 claims.

Once they’re all loaded, you won’t see a Load More option anymore.

How to Batch Reset Policies

Just like we did before, we’ll need to select the claims we want to reset. To quickly select everything, you can click the very first check box at the top of the list:

Remember that any insurance policies you’ve created since Jan 1st of this year will also be included on this list. You probably won’t need to reset those ones, so be sure to uncheck any policies you don’t want to reset.

When you’re ready, you can click the Selected button in the top-right and Reset all policies for the current year:

Deleting extra claims

If you accidentally end up with duplicate policies because you’ve batch duplicated an insurance policy that was already created in 2023, then you can delete the extra policy.

Click on the View button at the end of the policy line, then click Edit.

From there you’ll get a red Delete button.

You’ll only be able to delete policies that haven’t been used.

If you have any questions let us know!

Happy New Year :)

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