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Billing to WorkSafe BC – Chiropractic

If you’re practicing in BC, you should be eligible to submit your Worksafe BC claims and Chiropractic Reports 8C and 11C online via our Teleplan integration.

To make things one step easier, we’ve integrated with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Teleplan system so you can use Jane to handle all of your WSBC submissions.

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to Sign Up with Teleplan and then Add Your Data Centre to Jane.

Additionally, you must apply for and sign a contract with Worksafe BC in order to become an approved provider. You can find more information about that here.

In the meantime, you can still set up the WSBC insurer and claims in Jane.

Set Up the Insurer

Under Settings > Insurers, click on the New Insurer button in the top right and select the “WSBC - Teleplan” insurer type from the list or Create a New One to track this manually instead if you do not wish to use our integration.

At the bottom of the insurer details, you’ll want to make sure to leave the user fee field blank and uncheck the box for “patient pays remaining” as the entire cost of treatment is billed to WSBC as per their fee codes and guidelines.

Prepare the Profile

Teleplan requires certain pieces of profile information to accept claims.

Under the Edit view of the profile, ensure the following fields are complete:

  • First Name (LEGAL name only)
  • Last Name (LEGAL name only)
  • Birthday
  • Personal Health Number (PHN)
  • Legal Gender
  • Address (the province is the most important part, make sure that BC is entered just like that, no dots or spaces)

Create a Claim

You can review our guide for the basics of Creating a Claim. WSBC claims don’t vary too much from other claims you’d track through Jane.

The required fields are:

  • Claim number
  • Date of Injury
  • Area of Injury
  • Anatomical Position
  • Nature of Injury
  • End Date

These fields must match what has been approved on the claim. To check the status of the claim and what has been approved, you can visit Worksafe’s Claim Status page Here.

NOTE: If the patient has not yet been assigned a claim number or made a claim for a workplace injury you can use twelve zeroes as the claim number. Enter 000000000000 in the Claim Number field of the Claim.

You can leave the default fee codes blank. Because WSBC claims are often block billed, you will only need to enter fee codes on the dates of service that match when a block is being billed and that can be done from the appointment in your schedule.

Billing the Claim to WSBC

Next, the claim needs to be attached to each appointment and you will need to ensure that the appropriate billing code is listed in the Insurance area of the Appointment Panel.

8C (Chiropractor’s First Report)

Billing code: 19134

Fee: base $86 + $15 timely completion bonus (within 3 business days) + $15.00 Teleplan submission bonus = $116 Total

Fee includes all services required to complete the Form 8C and the first two visits.

NOTE: If you do not receive all the bonuses associated with 8C fee code (i.e. do not submit the report within 3 business days) you will need to Write Off the balance of the visit not paid by WSBC. You cannot bill the $15 to the patient.

11C and 8 Week Treatment Block

Billing code: 19135

Fee: base $505 base + $15 Teleplan submission bonus = $520 Total

Fee covers all services required to complete the Form 11C and all treatment visits starting on the fifth visit and up to the end of the eight-week Treatment Block or discharge, whichever occurs first.

Arriving Appointment and Adding Reports

Once you have added on the appropriate billing codes, you will “Arrive” the appointment.

In the “Billing Info” pane, hover over the information so that a “View” tab appears. Click this “View” button.

Scroll to the Insurance section and click on the “Add Document” button.

Administrative staff can access the report from the main schedule, where they can complete all the known information.

Practitioners can access the report the same way or from their “Day” view. Click on the appointment for the patient and create a chart note. Use the “Edit Billing Codes Button” to access or start the report.

The completed report will be attached to the claim when sent to Teleplan. Always make sure that the Report is complete, with all boxes filled and with the correct information before you move the claim into the Queued area. Forms that are submitted with any blank fields will be rejected and may take more than one billing cycle to resolve.

Other WSBC Chiropractic Billing Codes

Daily Visit

Billing code: 19381

Fee: $56 per visit

Used to invoice for the 3rd and 4th visits where the patient is discharged after the 4th visit.

For more information about any other fee codes you might need to bill for WSBC or for information regarding the Chiropractic updates beginning January 2020 please refer to WorkSafe BC’s Chiropractic Services Memorandum of Agreement

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any claims you’re trying to submit. We’re here to help!

You can always email us at [email protected] with more questions.


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