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Direction to Pay - Billing to Lawyers

Direction to Pay Intro

Sometimes lawyers will work with you on a Direction to Pay agreement. This can be that they reimburse you for a patient’s visit either at the time of settlement or on a structured schedule (once a month for example).

Jane can track and manage this type of billing by adding multiple “insurers” to the claim.

Processes like this can appear complex as there’s a few steps so I’m going to really break it down to the granular steps.

  • Creating the Insurer
  • Creating the Claim
  • Adding the Lawyer to the Visit
  • Creating the Invoice
  • Taking the Payment

It might be helpful to just do one step at a time and follow along in your Jane account, since following the steps in order will make more sense than trying to just review this whole list in one go.

Okay, here we go…

Create the Lawyer as an Insurer

Technically anyone paying for a patient’s treatment other than the patient is treated as an insurer in Jane.

Here’s a help document on Creating an Insurer in Jane.

So you’ll want to choose the “Regular Insurance/3rd Party Payer/Lawyer” option when creating the insurer and then you can name it the same as you would on the invoice.

Add a Claim

Create a policy for the patient so that you can track and bill visits or portions of a visit to the Lawyer.

You can set the Eligible Amount to the correct user fee if the lawyer is covering only a user fee portion of a visit:

See this help doc on Creating an Insurance Policy for more info.

Adding the Policy to a visit

Then add the policy to the visit to cover the cost. You can either set it as the only insurance or as a secondary insurer:

So here you can see the visit fee being billed to ICBC and a $35 user fee being billed to the lawyer.

Quick Tip: Did you know that if you copy and paste an appointment that is already insured just the way you want, it will copy and paste the insurance settings too?

Just use the “copy” button on the appointment pane:

Invoicing the Lawyer

When you’re ready to invoice you can create a statement of just the insured visits to send over to the lawyer using the insured billing workflow.

Here’s a help document on grouping insured visits.

Then you can print or save an invoice from the Unsubmitted Billing Area.

Filter the list down to what you want and then hit the Select All button

The invoices will turn blue and then you can group them together if you would like to work with a single invoice:

Once grouped you can print an invoice that looks like this:

Mark as submitted once you’ve sent it in.

Receiving Payment

You can receive the insurer payment from the Billing tab right under the insurer, or from the patient’s Billing Tab.

From the Insurer’s area.

Choose New Payment:

Select the payment method, confirm the amount paid, and then click Next:

Once the payment has been added you can search for individual invoices using key words in the search bar, or you can click “View All”.

And finally if you need to see a little of this in action here’s a video on insurance billing and one on receiving an insurer payment (EOB) that you might find informative.

Okay I hope that helps!

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