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Adding Billing Codes to Paid Invoices

Need to add insurance information or billing codes to a paid appointment? You can now use the Allow Editing toggle to make the needed changes! 

To add an insurance claim or billing codes to a paid appointment, scroll down to the Insurance Info area in the Appointment side panel.

You will see a toggle switch that will allow you to edit the Insurance area to add a claim or add billing codes.

With Allow Editing turned on, you can now click to add a new or existing claim or add billing codes. Be sure to visit our guides on Adding Billing Codes for a refresher on how to add private billing codes and claims to your appointment.

Once you have added your billing codes and/or claim, Jane displays a button that allows you to Update Invoices.

Behind the scenes, Jane is re-applying the client’s original payment. If there is a balance outstanding Jane will show that as the amount owing on the patient’s account.

Or if the client’s payment exceeded the amount of the invoice, Jane will generate a credit on the patient’s profile.

Note: If Jane can’t automatically re-apply the payment you can re-apply it manually by viewing the payment.

And you’re done! You can now submit your insurance claim or print a Superbill as needed.

Manually adding billing codes to the invoice:

💡Heads up — this section on manually adding billing codes is applicable for the Legacy Base Plan only.

If you are on our Base Plan and need to add in billing codes to a patient’s invoice there is an option to manually add the billing codes as custom text to the Details section of the patient’s invoice. If you manually add the codes to this area, they will show up on the patient’s receipt.

To add your billing codes into the Details area of the patient invoice as custom text:

1) Access your patient’s invoice from the Billing Info section of the appointment side panel and click the blue Invoice link.

2) Manually type in the relevant billing codes into the Details area.

3) Click the blue Save button in the invoice and then print or email the receipt with your billing codes as desired!

This is what your receipts will look like with the added billing codes:

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