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Receiving an Insurer Payment

You can receive an insurer payment from the appointment side panel, from the invoice, and from Billing > Insurer Invoices.

Appointment Side Panel:


Profile > Billing

Pay and Approve

You might have noticed the Pay and Approve button in the images above. So, what is Pay and Approve anyways? If you click the Pay and Approve button just know that Jane will create an Insurer payment only in the amount due for just that appointment. That means that if your insurer sent one large payment covering multiple visits - the Pay & Approve button will not be able to record that information. There also is no option to select the Insurer Payment method. Our recommended option here would be for you to use the Record Payment in Detail button. But if you do decide to use Pay and Approve… we won’t judge you ;)

Billing > Insurer Invoices > New Payment

When you receive payment from either of these areas in Jane, you will see the New Payment screen that will allow you to record the amount received and the payment method used.

When you hit Next, you will create a payment to be applied to multiple invoices. If you navigated from an invoice or appointment, then that invoice will be the default invoice listed. Otherwise, you can search for the outstanding invoices in the search bar or hit View All.

Enter in the amount that you have received from the insurer and hit Apply.

If you are recording an underpayment you will then have the option to Write Off the remaining balance or Bill the remaining balance to patient.

Keep working down until you’ve completely applied the payment, or you can leave some of the payment as credit for the insurer to use later.

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